Saturday, 25 March 2017

Who shot our pet Bunny Rabbit dead? Poor Cindy Woo

Last year I ended up calling out the Police. My neighbour heard a shot, and saw a bird fall to the ground from the trees. We had both experienced a strange number of injured, and dead birds in our gardens. And so had Melody's friend. I must have called out the RSCPA three times. One for an injured Crow. A Dove, and Pigeon. Sadly, non of them survived. All three birds came to our back door for help, I felt so heartbroken that I could not save their life.

I am always talking to the birds in the garden, and Melody sometimes sings to them. So they feel safe. So sad, that someone had to wreck that trust by shooting them. They had no right to kill our wildlife in our garden, it is so wrong!

It was good of my neighbour to tell me about the shooting, because he was really concerned about my daughter and her friend playing in the back garden. (Thankfully, since the Police investigated, there have been no more shootings. Well done to the Police!)

When my neighbour mentioned that a Cat had been shot with a pellet gun as well. It made me think about Cindy Woo, my daughters pet rabbit. Cindy Woo always came home, and there is no way he would have left Coco Boo, who was sitting outside the backdoor. And Cindy was nowhere to be seen. That must have been three-four years ago now. As you can see from this video, Cindy Woo adored Coco Boo. Something definitely, happened to him. If they can shoot a Cat, they most certainly shot our Pet Rabbit. Shame, as now we cannot let the rabbits run free. We have to put them in a garden pen.

Before I knew Melody was allergic to Bunny Rabbits, I caved in, and got her one as a Christmas Present. Well actually, a friend at the time knew a lady that was giving them away. I am 100% allergic to all animals. So what can I say, "THE THINGS WE DO FOR OUR KIDS!" (On the upside, I have managed to work out what sets my Asthma off. Funny enough it is food. Just by changing my diet, I can cure my Asthma!) It is amazing what Plant Based Diet can do.

This is a video of Cindy Woo when he was a baby. The cutest bunny in the world. LOL, OK all bunnies are cute! I made the little rabbit lead for Melody to take Cindy down the garden. And if you were wondering why he got named Cindy. Melody wanted a girl rabbit. I told her Cindy was a boy, when he did not come home.

Melody is very much like her father. She is a born entertainer. From a very young age she enjoyed making art and craft videos. And Cindy Woo was her side kick.

Our first White Christmas.


We have been trying to find homes for six bunny rabbits. How did we end up with all these rabbits. Well silly Mummy sent Daddy out to get Melody a Paddling Pool when Cindy Woo went missing. To cheer her up. Daddy came back with another rabbit. FLUFF WOO! And the rest is history. We thought because Coco Boo never got pregnant with Cindy. That she could not have babies. How wrong we were.


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