Monday, 26 June 2017


For the Kind Attention of:    Aneurin John
                                               Clerk to PontarddulaisTown Council

Our Local Village Council runs a Cinema day, once a month, for children. I was wondering if the Bont Council would consider running a ... "FREE MANGA ART GROUP FOR TEENS?" Or at least offer it free to low income families. As I feel SOME children are missing out!

Currently schools charge for extra singing, and guitar lessons. Talented children, that have parents on low incomes are sadly being discriminated against. So I would like to see some changes.


Mark Crilley is a published MANGA artist, and author. He has many Manga Art, and Comic books.

As you have a movie screen. The Council could show Mark Crilley's Art Tutorials from You Tube, which the teenagers could follow.  And they could have a go at creating their own Manga Style Comic Books, and characters. I feel this would be very beneficial for children, encouraging them to be creative, and practise their English skills at the same time. I am sure the children could bring along some of their own paper, and pencils/pens etc.

My daughters own Manga design. She gained the skills from Mark Crilley's books and videos. Melody would very much like to make friends with other Manga Artists in her area!

Here is a drawing my daughter Melody created, based on Mark Crilley's book, Brody's Ghost. This is when Melody's IPad was working, she got a like from Mark Crilley himself. Something she is very proud of.

Melody, my 14 year old's Manga Style Space Comic

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Thanks to Mark Crilley's You Tube videos, Melody's art is always progressing.
These are last years drawings!

I would like to get the support of the USA Government to create an INTERNET, Mark Crilley Manga Art University, for children all around the world. It would be a fun way for them to get an Art Diploma.

We have some very talented, and gifted children in this world. I hope that together we can help them achieve their goals in life. 

Melody created a Manga Style Mermaid, based on one of my characters from my book Butterfly Lullaby. I think it is absolutely beautiful!

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