Wednesday, 28 June 2017



My daughter Melody, created this wonderful card for her Dad for Fathers Day. The first design got deleted. But she would not give up. I think it is adorable. Even when we split up, he called her every day. He goes without himself to provide for her. And I have to say he is a really amazing Dad.

We have been together for 17 years, on and off. Funny thing is, we are like Chalk and Cheese. I am a bit of an activist, because I see the problems in the world, and how we need to debate and solve them. And he is not an activist. However, I do admire him for writing to Dr Judith Reisman, and appreciating her good work. 

Things have changed so much. 50 years ago a family could live off one salary. Today it is a struggle. Children are missing out on having one parent at home. Sadly, I know why this is happening. And hope for AN AMERICAN HERO TO SORT IT ALL OUT! I hope that HERO is President Donald Trump. He is putting a stop to Human Trafficking, which is something to admire. 

One thing, I know for sure, after years of research, and that is you cannot have a bunch of BRITISH Elites running a Country. Especially, ones that hate children, women and families. There are some good Elites. 

I am hoping President Donald Trump will support Education, so our children are not deprived from the arts anymore!

Well, it is time to put some cleaning music on:

I have nothing in common with Middle Class Mothers GROUPS! Strange how they can call themselves Educated, when most stick their heads in the sand, and refuse to debate and solve problems! Being popular is over-rated. I prefer to have real friends, rather than plastic ones!

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