Monday, 4 December 2017

New authors wanted Sharon J. Bainbridge

Walt Disney was Dyslexic! 

Google, my HEROES! They did it again!!!

Google have changed my life in so many ways. This week, I saw an advert on my Blog. Just recently, I wrote about helping children with Dyslexia to read. The Google advert placed on my blog, was from a Publishing Company. They are in the search for new authors. 

I've been blogging for many years now, and have never come across such an advert before. Getting a Publishing deal is somewhat of a challenge. Usually, you have to have an agent. 

"So I thought, what the heck! Why not!" I dropped them an email. And sent them a link to helping Dyslexic children to read. 

Here is the Blog Link I sent them:

To be honest, I was far from ready to submit any work. And had to retype out the stories. Why? Well, when you self publish, little gremlins pop up and destroy your work, LOL! They managed to trash all my work with a famous man from Children's TV. But he told me, "Sharon, never give up!" I listened to him, instead of the negative people that surrounded me. I have had to go through a few computers with the crash and burns, so lots of my work has been binned. But on the upside, and there is always a POSITIVE, I was fast asleep when I self published, and now I am wide AWAKE. My whole outlook on life is different, Google has changed my life for the better!

I do hope to make a film about, "FREE READING HELP FOR DYSLEXIC CHILDREN," so stay tuned. And I still have to make a video on how I lost all that weight by accident, with no exercise.

The Google adverts are important to me, because we live on one salary. Why? Our darling daughter begged me to Home Educate. Any money I get from the Google Adverts goes on our daughters Education. She wants to learn to play the Cello etc. That is the power of Home Education. Most children prefer pop music. So I am impressed, especially, as she is 14 years old.


My special technique helped my darling daughter to love reading. The fact she spends her Christmas, and Birthday money on books, is nothing short of a miracle. Especially, as I hated reading as a child. My money was spent on sweets, and records, LOL! NOT BOOKS! Same with my partner. So yes, I am very proud of what I have achieved. Funny thing, I have always loved writing. And used to write letters to my friend all the time when I visited family.

I've been lucky with friends. Good friends are loyal, and stand up for you when things go wrong in life. The fake ones, well you soon know who they are, LOL!

Merrill and I used to write on the envelope:

Postman, Postman don't be slow
Get on your bike
And go man go!

I used this little message to make my daughter smile. My partner and I split up a few years ago. Long story. But we got back together, which made Melody very happy. Like everything in life, you have to work at things, and NEVER GIVE UP!

I would like to thank Google. They have most certainly changed my life for the better. Without them, I would not have found my HERO, Dr. Michael Greger. And it is thanks to Home Education, which made me question my diet in the first place. Life sure is a wonderful learning curve. 

The way I look at life is, even if I don't get this Publishing Deal, things work out for a reason. I just know 2018 is going to be a great year for everyone. And one thing I know for sure, is that America loves us. And I love them!

Google care about their staff, and us. That is why they invited Dr. Michael Greger to their offices to talk about NUTRITION!

I am counting the days to get this cook book! Our HERO!

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