Friday, 22 December 2017

THANK YOU Dr. Michael Greger bookplate arrived!

bookplate arrived this WEEK. And the cookbook arrived TODAY!

Wow, what a week. First, we received Dr. Michael Greger's signed bookplate. Words cannot thank him enough for signing this for my daughter Melody ...

Quote: A plant based diet can be so powerful!

Oh boy, was I shocked to see how much postage poor Dr. Greger had to shell out to send us the bookplate. Over $13, just for this small piece of paper. What a wonderful, kind man he is! Dr. Greger is my HERO! Just like Herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper, he gives out free information to help us reverse illness based on Scientific Studies.

I really was not expecting Dr. Greger's cookbook to arrive until after Christmas, so what a surprise to get it in the post today! We have all flicked through the pages, and are looking forward to trying out the recipes.

My partner is treating us to a Christmas Dinner out. The restaurant offered to cook me whatever I wanted. Because we did not think the cookbook would arrive until the end of December, my partner has already placed my order; however, I will be telling the restaurant about this amazing book. Even if they cannot cook me something from it. Maybe, they will give it a go in the New Year. Then hopefully, my Camcorder will be fixed so I can video the whole thing.

Stay tuned ... to see what happens next. I will be uploading before and after photos of my partner, once I get him on the Plant Based Diet.

I am very proud of myself for changing the way I eat ... thanks to Home Education, Google, You Tube and Dr. Michael Greger. Yes, I am a Junk Food addict. And have a very sweet tooth, so this is a real accomplishment. I had to make that change for my daughters sake.

Now I have the, "How not to die cookbook," what shall I make for Christmas DINNER, and pudding? Don't worry, I will be uploading photos and blogging about it. 

Google care about their staff, and us! That is why they invited Dr. Michael Greger to their offices to speak about Nutrition. And just how bad our Western Diet really is! Note. Dr. Greger does not advertise on his You Tube Channel; therefore, Google get no money from his work. This shows how much they care!

As a mum, it is my job to keep my family healthy. This is why I have ordered this book as my Christmas gift for them to have a healthier life.

Doctors Know Less than They Think About Nutrition

Dr. Greger is our Nicholas Culpeper!

Happy Christmas Dr. Greger and GOOGLE! And not forgetting my wonderful Blog Supporters/Friends!
May 2018 be a great year for everyone!


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