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I don't draw that much anymore. And I am not the best artist! But, I hope this art piece will help change lives. Think outside the box, and you will be amazed at what you will find!

Here is the sketch before using water colour pencils. I just used cheap white photocopying paper. And my favourite Dyslexic Pen to outline, which did not smudge.

Here it my favourite Dyslexic Pen! No smudge.

As you can see I just roughly coloured in the drawing using water colour pencils. 

Finished drawing. I love water colour pencils, no mess, and easy to use.

Before my daughter begged me to Home Educate her, I was on the Western Diet. As you can see, I ended up in very bad health. This is because I was not educated to eat properly. But Home Education changed all that. I met a Home Ed family and became friends with an ex nurse. She told me, "Sharon, you need to get off your Asthma Inhalers, they destroy your lungs and health!"

She did not mention anything about diet. But I could see how healthy she was compared to me. I could not keep up with her when we walked the dogs, which put me to shame as she was older than myself. My friend wanted me to take breathing exercises to get off the inhalers. Something inside me told me to look at my diet. I was fascinated at how healthy she eat compared to me.


I got home and the first thing I did was search Google. Thanks to them, and their free You Tube service I found Dr. Michael Greger, MY HERO!

Please take the time to look at the videos on my link below, and see why I support Dr. Michael Greger. It is my mission to try and help my family and friends. And I consider you as my friend!

I have purchased two copies of Dr. Michael Greger's, "How not to die cookbook." One for us, and the other for my sister. I hope she will start to eat better, and help my mum and dad to do the same. Here in the UK too many people put their faith in people who are not educated to help them. As Dr. Greger mentions doctors get hardly any education on Nutrition at all. If you gave your car the wrong gas, it would break down. Think of your body in the same context. 

I know this life style change works, because I keep a diary. And believe me, I have records of how ill I felt when I fell off the wagon. That was when I sprained my shoulder last year and felt sorry for myself. I kept eating Ice cream every weekend. Thinking that I could go part time healthy, and the other naughty. Well I ended up coughing up blood, and had terrible chest pains. Glad to say I am OK, because I listed to Dr. Greger.

What would we do without GOOGLE?

Google care about their staff, and us! That is why they invited Dr. Michael Greger to their offices to speak about Nutrition. And just how bad our Western Diet really is! Note. Dr. Greger does not advertise on his You Tube Channel; therefore, Google get no money from his work. This shows how much they care!


Greger told the story with the same relish and hilarity he brings to exposing deceptive research. It fits into his message that understanding what's in what we eat can save our lives -- which he has been on a mission to promote since med school.
"Because of my grandmother who was saved by Pritikin in the late '70s," he explained. Diagnosed with end-stage heart disease at 65, out of options for bypass surgery, too feeble to walk, thanks to Pritikin's plants and aerobic exercise she lived to be 96.
"It really affected me," he said. "I mean just the injustice of it all, that there was this kind of miracle cure that was just being buried. Lost to the world down some rabbit hole. So hundreds of thousands of people continue to die unnecessarily."
He wanted to do for everyone else's family what Pritikin did 
for his family. "So, until people stop dying of easily 
preventable stuff, I will keep doing what I'm doing."

As a mum, it is my job to keep my family healthy. This is why I have ordered this book as my Christmas gift for them to have a healthier life.

Doctors Know Less than They Think About Nutrition

Dr. Greger sent Melody, our daughter, this bookplate:

A plant based diet can be so powerful!

Why do I believe in Dr. Greger? Because he helped me get off my strong inhalers!
My friend, an ex nurse, told me how Asthma Inhalers destroy your health. I know a plant based diet really does work. 

Dr. Greger also helped me lose weight!

Dr. Greger's grandmother was  sent home to die by doctors. She had heart disease. A plant based diet saved her life. And she went onto live for another 30+ years. This is why Dr. Michael Greger became a doctor. But he is more than a Dr. he is a HERO!

Message from Dr. Michael Greger ...

DR MICHAEL GREGER - HOW NOT TO DIE - Part 1/2 | London Real


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