Friday, 5 January 2018

Science lost down the rabbit hole NUTRITION Facts

Science lost down the rabbit hole! Imagine that for one moment. Now question why the NHS want to ban herbal medicine? Next they will be banning fruit and veg.

Nurses, and doctors are great. But, they do need to be educated on Nutrition, especially when it is backed up by Science! Giving children like Melody ... hot milky chocolate with lots of sugar is not good for Asthma! Instead, hot distilled water with date syrup and lemon would be far better. Especially, if the date syrup is made with fresh dates with no preservatives. 


Greger told the story with the same relish and hilarity he brings to exposing deceptive research. It fits into his message that understanding what's in what we eat can save our lives -- which he has been on a mission to promote since med school.
"Because of my grandmother who was saved by Pritikin in the late '70s," he explained. Diagnosed with end-stage heart disease at 65, out of options for bypass surgery, too feeble to walk, thanks to Pritikin's plants and aerobic exercise she lived to be 96.
"It really affected me," he said. "I mean just the injustice of it all, that there was this kind of miracle cure that was just being buried. Lost to the world down some rabbit hole. So hundreds of thousands of people continue to die unnecessarily."
He wanted to do for everyone else's family what Pritikin did 
for his family. "So, until people stop dying of easily 
preventable stuff, I will keep doing what I'm doing."

If my daughter had not begged me to Home Educate, I would be 18 stone by now, and very unhealthy! But, worst of all, I would be feeding my loved ones the same bad diet! I changed for her! She wants me around for a long, long time.

Why do I support Dr. Michael Greger?

I only know a few people that think outside of the box, and question things. Most British People I know, believe in our Education and Health System. Even if you tell them a Plant Based Diet is backed up by Science, they refuse to listen. So I have to watch loved ones destroy their health with the Western Diet. 

Maybe, one day, with some help and support we will get Dr. Michael Greger's Cookbook in our schools and hospitals. Because at the moments children like my daughter are given hot milky chocolate with lots of sugar in hospital, after an Asthma attack. Now thanks to Home Education, Google and Dr. Greger, my daughter enjoys Hot distilled water with dates syrup with Lemon. And as a treat Dr. Greger's Cinnamon cookies, made with plant based ingredients. 


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