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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Butterfly Fairy Princess fairy dress from the Butterfly Lullaby fairy story book

This Princess Butterfly Fairy Dress was one of the first fairy costumes I created. My Mother in law convinced me to have a go at making one, after showing her my little Bo Peep costume I made out of a quilt cover. First came the butterfly fairy dress, then came the Butterfly Lullaby fairy story and the rest is history. I look back and think, did I really do all that. To make all the costumes for the characters, write the story, create all the Photoshop fairy images, come up with song ideas to go with the scenes in the story (which I had to nag for!) is something I am very proud of. Butterfly Lullaby has quite a following now, and I feel proud to be the founder and own the Butterfly Lullaby Trademark.

It is quite something to see my Butterfly Lullaby books being sold all over the world for big money new and used. Even though they were not paid for as Borders went under. Hopefully the sellers will have a heart and make a donation to Cystic Fibrosis as I am still trying to get little Jodie to Disney. I have made progress with creating a story purely for Cystic Fibrosis called Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy which is of course based on Jodie's love of colours and bunny rabbits.

If you like my fairy costumes. I do have one for sale. It is the very, very special one I created for Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy for little Jodie. But this costume comes at a big price. It has to get her and her family to Disney.  I am sure there is someone out there with more money than they need that would like to buy their little girl an OOAK costume from a unique fairy book. It would be an investment as it was worn by the original character in the story. The Butterfly Lullaby book launch is on You Tube.

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