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Monday, 7 February 2011

Will Winnie the witch work her magic and get Little Child Artist Snowflake reading ?

Thursday 17th February 2011
Quick update - Little Snowflake now has a new teacher who is totally brilliant. We are both over the moon and it is a joy to read with her now in the evenings as she really wants to impress and read with her new teacher. Thank you to a wonderful, understanding school. We love you!

Little Snowflake child artist loves to draw, but when it came to reading books she would run a mile. No interest whatsoever, but thankfully that has all changed now she has her new teacher. I don't know that she will ever be a bookworm like her best friend, as drawing is her first love, but at least now we try to make reading fun instead of a chore. Little Snowflake loves stories and asks me to create a nighttime story to send her to sleep every night.

Last week she was off sick with Asthma. "Mummy" she said, "I wish you did not have to work so you could look after me!" (Well my little sweet pea, I wish I could work from home too, but Mummy has no choice as the 84% damp in the house is effecting your health.) Little Snowflake loves Winnie the witch stories. Her best friend brought her a book for Christmas called Winnie's Magic Moments. It is a brilliant book as you get three stories in one. And the stories are funny and very enjoyable to read.

Anyway Winnie the Witch inspired Little Snowflake to draw three different stories for her own little witch called Moonlight. Her cat drawing looks just like Wilbur, Winnie the Witch's cat. Of course Little Snowflake has added her favourite pet Cindy Woo our black pet bunny rabbit and an owl. Once she had drawn all three stories she sat next to me and dictated her stories, which I typed out for her. My wonderful friend who calls me every week to catch up on how we all are, informed me that the school is holding some sort of book writing competition for children. Little Snowflake would have had more chance of winning with her Flower Alien story we did together as it is original and different, but for me it needed to be something she did purely on her own. And as Winnie the Witch could inspire her to read, and has most definitely inspired her to create her own story this is the one that we have entered.

I have to admit I was never one to read books, I was far too busy drawing and creating things just like Little Snowflake. But I have always been a letter writer, I really enjoy writing, I find it relaxing and it takes the stress out of every day life. I just adore my Google Blog and if I could afford to I would write all day long adding creative videos and pictures. 

Little Snowflake said to me last week that she wants her books to make lots of money so we can get the house sorted, i.e. get rid of the damp mould and have it looking pretty. She has really surprised me by saying she wants to work in a Library and wants to be a writer. Watching her grow up is going to be some amazing adventure that I just can't wait to see. I wonder if she will read all my Google blogs and pass them down the family tree. I know she is proud of all the art work she has created and how she cannot wait to show her child all her childhood creations, so for me I feel very proud that I have managed to create a happy childhood for her even though financially it has been one big struggle and she has had to go without dance, swimming lessons and holidays, unlike her fellow friends.

Little Snowflake asked me this morning, please tell the author (Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul) of Winnie the Witch that I really want another one of her books as I only have one. I want to read them instead of my school books. But as the school books are structured so well, we need to read those first!  fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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