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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

How to make a Flower Alien Mask by Little Snowflake child artist from Butterfly Lullaby art show

Yesterday (23.1.2011 - recent update) I spent my whole day trying to recreate a Flower Alien Mask based on Little Snowflakes original drawing on You Tube called the Flower Alien, using Nintendo DS and Art Academy. We have come up with the most amazing Flower Alien story to go with the mask so stay tuned.

Here is my first attempt at making the flower alien mask. I did not have the right colours and it does not look the same as her drawing. So I am really pleased with my recent attempt above. I just love Little Snowflakes Flower Alien picture, it really inspired me to create the mask, which would be brilliant for children's parties.  Here she is wearing the one I made based on her original flower alien picture, which you can view in the second video below:

The video below is Part 1 of 2 of Little Snowflake creating her very own flower alien mask based on her original flower alien picture above. You can see Little Snowflake drawing the flower alien template for the children's mask free hand and cutting it out. She then places the flower alien template on the foam to create the base for the children's mask and traces round with a pencil.

Part 2 of how to make a flower alien mask by Little Snowflake child artist:

Here is Little Snowflake child artist wearing her original flower alien mask based on her You Tube drawing which has had over 8,000 hits (thanks everyone for supporting her and kind comments.) The above video shows her sketching the design free hand from her hand drawn template, which she uses to trace round foam for the mask. I have to admit I love her flower alien mask, it is far better than my attempt as it has the little mouth and little legs, how cute.

Here is Little Snowflake showing you how to draw her original Flower Alien drawing she created using Nintendo DS and Art Academy:

The Flower Alien story we have come up with together is out of this world. Children have great imaginations!
Little Snowflake and I put together a little box of things to take into school full of her hand made masks for our story based around her drawing of the flower alien. Wish us luck.

It was Little Snowflakes birthday recently. For a special birthday gift I got a lady to make a gorgeous little brooch of Snowflakes Flower Alien design. The lady is remaking another brooch and adding the mouth.

Thank you to everyone that has supported Little Snowflake with kind comments, your comments put a big smile on her face!

I love the picture below of Little Snowflake with the big snowflake she cut out and used to put on as a snowflake hat (snowflake head : )  fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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