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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Little Snowflake child artist won the bookmark drawing competition on World book day - I wonder if her 500 word story reached Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 for the children's story competition?

Well done to my wonderful little daughter Little Snowflake for winning the book mark drawing competition yesterday in class for World Book day. Who is a clever bunny then! I also managed to send off her 500 words to the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show via my friends computer the night before the deadline,  which was yesterday on World Book Day (Thursday 3rd March 2011.) As you can see below in the picture I tried to email the breakfast radio show and I got a crash and dump message from my email account, not their site! So now I am just using Google, nothing else, as only they can save the day! Justice will be served with Moron the Carrot, te he.

I want to thank Day at BBC Radio 2 who is working on the 500 words children's story competition for trying so hard to make sure Little Snowflake got her Moonlight the Witch children's story registered on the Internet in time for yesterday's deadline. We kept missing each other on the phone, but even so it was just lovely to know that someone cares. She based her story on Winnie the Witch, which is a fantastic children's book. When she was ill with Asthma she drew all the pictures to her story and then dictated the story to me. Because Little Snowflake loves art more than reading, I was very impressed with her story and the fact that she had actually drawn all the pictures to the story making it her own. I want to try and encourage her to do more as it will  help her with her reading.

On World Book Day Little Snowflake was going to dress as Winnie the Witch, one of her favourite books, but instead last minute she decided to go as the Bunny Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland (good choice re Johnny Depp.) Taking into account she loves bunny rabbits just like Jodie (Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy) I was not too surprised. My friend Chrissie and I were giggling as I had to make a bunny tail out of fluffy make up remover pads last minute before heading off to school. It literally looked like she had a toilet roll stuck to the back of her top, which gave everyone a smile! Two of her best friends were the runners up and one won the fancy dress competition. Little Snowflake has loads of best friends, which as a Mother makes me proud that she is such a like able little person, I must be doing something right as I always get complemented on her manners re please and thank you and her funny bubbly little personality.

I talk to lots of Mum's and have many wonderful friends who happen to be Little Snowflakes friend's Mum's too. And a lot of them agree with me with regards to education being far too difficult for young children these days. They don't seem to get a childhood and society makes them grow up far too quickly. What we need to address here is that not every child is the same. Some children are blessed with amazing memories and are able to store information very easily and quickly, where as others do not. Memory is the key, good memory and you will pass every single exam. Bad memory and you have had it! In my view children should not start school until they are 5 years old. Mothers have to be called in from work to come into school and change their child because they have wet themselves etc. The child is upset and wants their Mum, because they are entitled to have their Mum at such a young age. Mother's today are under so much pressure to do so many things, I just wonder what happened to Women's and Children's rights?  fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Thank you Google for supporting child artist Little Snowflake and Butterfly Lullaby

The above picture of Google is a thank you from myself, Sharon J. Bainbridge and my little girl, child artist Little Snowflake from Butterfly Lullaby. You are my number one when it comes to my blog and videos. Being at the top of Google is a main achievement. I find the stresses of life are lifted when I write on my Google blog, it is the only thing at the moment that offers us hope.

The pictures above are of Little Snowflakes food pirates. They are helping me to learn Welsh, I hope they will help others too. If the darkness that surrounds this house lifts, I hope to get all Little Snowflakes characters talking so they can say the words in English and Welsh, just like Moron the Carrot Pirate. Little bit difficult at the moment as low and behold my laptop has crashed yet again and will not switch on. A nether ending nightmare. At least we have Google, a search engine you can rely on!

I am feeling a little bit sorry for myself today as the damp in the house is really getting me down. I am worried about Little Snowflakes Asthma. I have not slept for two nights as when I lay down I cannot breathe. I cannot lose hope for her sake and Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis, but it is so hard. Being a Mum to me is an important job, one that I take seriously and I believe I made the choice to have my child so I should bring her up and not give her to others to look after. That is why it is so important that Mum's get the support we need to earn a living from home that fits around our wonderful children. We will get there it is just a case of fighting for it, and most importantly never giving up!

I wonder what Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) would think of Little Snowflakes vegetable pirates. It is a shame we cannot have his voice to animate one. Brilliant actor!  fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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