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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Olympic t-shirt printing


Have you designed your own Olympic T-shirt image and wondered which is the cheapest and best quality?

When I tried Asda and Tesco I was not impressed with the T-shirt printing because they used some sort of transfer which makes the t-shirt look a little tacky and all you see is this A4 sheet of transfer. It is fine for just a laugh t-shirts. But if you have spent ages creating a beautiful image you will want the best quality you can get at an affordable price and I think £12.35 is good price for an adults t-shirt which has been personalised with your very own photo design. Children's t-shirt printing is only £8.25. I think I will have to get a T-shirt for me saying "English Alien Mother has no rights, that is why she walks left." No doubt you have seen the Facebook group laughing about how women in the UK have no rights. Well I am not laughing! I am fighting back verbally as I want my little girl to have a better life than I have had so far!


I used Photobox for the t-shirt below. For me personally I prefer to have a t-shirt without transfers that are printed directly on the t-shirt by a good quality printing firm like Photobox. My little girls teacher was very impressed. £12.35 for the man's sized t-shirt, which I think is a good price for something unique. And postage would have been less than £3.00 if I had have ordered it sooner.


You can print T-shirts from home by using A4 transfer but they do not wash well. I have used a special sealant which does help, but for it to last you need to wash by hand. All in all I think it is better to pay a little extra for something that will last.

Here are some t-shirt designs we have made from home:

My little girl sketched her teacher in class and I tried to create a t-shirt using transfer which I printed off and ironed on. Complete disaster as of course the colours do not show through if you are using a black t-shirt. That is why you have to pay to get the t-shirts printed by a proper printing firm. I ended up using a silver fabric pen to outline the t-shirt transfer on the t-shirt. I wonder if you can get these sort of t-shirts printed?

This t-shirt design was for my little girls headmaster who is the head of the choir. She drew the most amazing musical alien, which sadly you cannot see properly because I ran out of time and had to use t-shirt transfer instead of getting it printed by Photobox.

I adore this t-shirt "I love Mummy" with my little girls hand drawn Moshi Monster Characters.

Well guys I think it is time to design some t-shirts for me now. Mummy is an English Alien and always walks left because she has no rights. After all when it comes to Aliens my little girl sure is good at creating them. So I think I will add Little Snowflakes very own Flower Alien design to the t-shirt with the above saying.

Here is Little Snowflakes art and her singing voice when she sang for the first time at school Heal the World. I hope she gets to sing this song with her school choir in the hope to put a stop to racism at the next English football match in Wales. Our children deserve more from us as adults!

Here is my little girls voice singing Save me at the Grand Theatre. I really hope that one day we have a CRB check website for children like Little Snowflake to shine. Because it is so sad for her not to be able to have video footage of her performing for the first time ever at the Grand Theatre in front of 700 people and to be told NO you are not allowed any video of your performance because there is nothing set up for you to shine safely on the Internet! And also to be booed by the Welsh speaking School because they said we are the Queen must have made it even more sad. I feel sorry for our children Welsh and English as adults are meant to know better and give all our children equal opportunities and make sure they can shine safely by putting them first!

I have tried to learn the Welsh language and even came up with a brilliant school competition translating English to Welsh with pictures and postcards. Would have raised lots of money for all the Welsh and English speaking schools. Sadly I am expected to do this sort of thing for free because I am a mere English Alien Mother. Well as you can see from the state of our house in the video above, we are far from well off as otherwise my little girl would not be crying because the house makes her ill with asthma. This is the problem with adults in power their hearts are not in it!

If you are suffering from being any sort of an alien get in contact. We are friendly aliens that mean no harm and just hope that one day Great Britain is a real team that puts all our children and mothers first.

Contact English alien Sharon J. Bainbridge who believes children have rights and deserve to shine.

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Friday, 20 July 2012

Olympic Aliens


Wenlock and Mandeville are English aliens trying so hard to be Team Great Britain. Carrying the Olympic flag through the whole of Britain with pride, in the hope to sway those that still blame individual English people for past history, which has nothing to do with them. Even Will I am got involved and that is one thing I adore about England the fact that no matter what nationality you are London makes you welcome.

Mandeville looks very similar to Wenlock with the alien eye. And I have to say this makes a huge statement about no matter what you look like, which Country you come from, we should all be equal. You go Little Mandeville and shine your torch for all to see with Wenlock by your side.


I ordered a T-shirt from my little girls Wenlock design for her Welsh teacher. Her school is English speaking but they also speak some Welsh. As you can see from the T-shirt design I added a few things that are difference to her original painting. The Welsh flag mask is at the top with Teacher of the year! You made me laugh! You made me sing! You made school fun! My little girl just adored her teacher and is very sad that she does not have him next term. Her Wenlock picture has four balloons flying to the sky. I added flag ribbons for Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Great Britain. Notice how I did not include the English flag, because I have grown up believing that we were one team acting for all our children. Sadly I now know we are not, but I hope that with some support we can change this. As nothing is impossible as Mandeville knows!


I know now why I have had so many problems with my business over the five years of trying to trade. I stupidly back in 2005 thought that Wales and England were all part of one big British Team. Five years later it is very apparent that we are not.

But that does not mean we cannot compromise and do what is best for all our children. Live and let live. All children have rights. The Welsh have the right to speak their own language and the English speaking Welsh children have the right to chose what language they want to speak as we are part of Great Britain.

Sharon J. Bainbridge English alien in Wales

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English Alien t-shirt

Yesterday my little girl, Little Snowflake, gave her Headmaster the above English alien T-shirt (Musical Alien t-shirt.) I will have to create a video as you cannot see the image that clearly. The alien is playing all musical instruments and singing at the same time. She drew this character for a school protect and got full marks so it seemed the perfect image to make into a t-shirt. Little Snowflake is a total artistic genius. It is the perfect t-shirt for the headmaster because he is head of the school choir. The alien t-shirt reads Out of this World School Choir.


Some people call English people living in Wales English Aliens. So I thought this t-shirt was quite apt. We may be aliens to some, but  English aliens believe that Great Britain should be a team of people acting for all our children. Putting them all first, no matter what language or Country they come from. And that is what makes Wenlock and Mandeville so special! Here is my little girl talking about the Olympic characters who clearly are English aliens. But hey they are very cute!


I would like to introduce you to Jaco who calls us English Aliens:

When Will I am carried the torch for the Olympics I was proud because it shows that England especially welcomes different cultures to our Country and we love American people. I am told he has sponsored some children's charity, which is very kind of him as children need all the help and support they can get away from racism, bullying and poverty. Here is an audio of Little Snowflake singing Heal the world at school for the first time. You will also see some pictures she drew of flower aliens (her own design.)

When my little girl sang Save me by Queen at the Grand Theatre I was shocked to hear that the Welsh speaking school booed them in rehearsal for saying we are the Queen. Meaning the band Queen. I really hope that the English football team will help stamp out racism and get our English school choirs and Welsh school choirs together to sing Heal the World on the football and rugby pitch, then put an end to this hate as it teaches our children to bully. Adults should know better and our children deserve more from us all.

Lastly I leave you with a Wenlock alien design with all the British flags, except England, because we like to think we are all one team. The British Flag is something we need to celebrate and try to help one another to create a better world because it is possible if we all try!


Here is the Welsh Moron the Carrot Alien who is just so cute. My little girl designed him in the hope to help me learn Welsh. Currently the way things are in Wales it would not matter if I was fluent in Welsh as I am not Welsh and cannot say I am proud to be Welsh. But at least I tried to learn a little Welsh with no help or support from those that could have made a difference!

I will leave you with my little girls other alien characters which I made into plastic characters. I think she is a total artistic genius and if she was in England she would go far.

Well that is all from me the English Alien living in Wales 
Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE:, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

Teacher T-shirt OOAK

Here is Little Snowflakes sketch of her teacher, which I tried to put onto a black T-shirt for his end of term teachers gift. Have you ever brought t-shirt transfer and printed off an image from home to create your very own t-shirt designs? For me it was like Beat the Clock I had exactly 20 minutes to print off the transfer and iron it on. Also you are meant to let the print on the transfer dry a little before ironing it on. Boom, print, cut it out, iron it on. Oh heck some of the t-shirt transfer was coming off as I had ironed it for too long, oh sugar the colours are not showing through the black t-shirt. Think, think, ahhhhh. Silver fabric paint "WHERE IS IT?" I ran downstairs to the kitchen and found my silver fabric pen and in five minutes flat I drew round her sketch on the t-shirt as best I could. I left it to dry with a note to my little girl that I would sort it out when I get back. Grabbed my bag and ran like the wind down to the bus stop thinking I hope that other t-shirt turns up as this is a huge disaster.


Lucky for us the other t-shirt turned up on the last day of term. And it reads: Teacher of the year! You make me laugh! You make me sing! You make school fun!

As you can see when you compare the T-shirt to the original painting by Little Snowflake, I have added a few things. I put on the Welsh flag mask I created for the Monster High and Bratz dolls. On the Olympic Wenlock image itself I added all Great Britain's flags which I attached like bows to the balloons. So there is Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Great Britain. I did not bother with the English flag as I grew up believing England was part of Great Britain and that we are all on the same team. Sadly life has taught me this is not the case, but I very much hope that our children can do something to change that and bring harmony and piece back to everyone's life. Racism and recession mixed together is something that we can sort out if we only try.

I also created a t-shirt for the headmaster from her musical alien design. It is totally wicked and got top marks in school. Well I will share that one with you another day. Are you an English alien?




Get us out of Wales!

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Google Adverts child friendly

I really hope all the adverts on my Butterfly Lullaby blogs are child friendly as this is a family blog with my little girls artwork etc. And I am somewhat old fashioned compared to most in the UK. My little girl does not wear high heals or put make-up and nail varnish on. She is what I expect a child to be and that is natural and pure as snow, acting like a child and not a grown up. Maybe the Gremlins are back at work causing more harm because they are allowed to do whatever they want?

So if there are any adverts at all that are not what I call family friendly I do hope that Google will fix this asp. I know it must be difficult as our culture does not put family values first. And there are no CRB check websites for children to shine, which means they are not allowed video footage of them when they sing at the Grand Theatre because adults have to have what they want on the Internet! (Selfish big kids.) I know I am an English alien. But respect and honour for women and children is important.

Please support Little Snowflake and help her to help other children be real kids. Get them back to childhood and stop letting bad adults teach them racism and how to dress badly! They are children not adults!

I hope that Little Snowflake will get to sing Heal the World with her school at one of the football matches to put a stop to racism. Our children expect more from adults and currently they are behaving very badly!

This is how women and children are degraded and I quite frankly am not amused! And as for my business where the little gremlins got away with doing what they want. You have not won yet!

No one gets away with making my little girl cry because they are stopping Mummy from earning! I will be taking my camcorder to the papers and seeing just how heartless they all are!

Sharon J. Bainbridge Google

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE:, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

Weymouth Olympic Singer

Weymouth singer and talented songwriter Jakson Lee. I can just imagine him singing Nessun Dorma at the Olympics in Weymouth. He sings this song so beautifully and gave everyone chills at the Enchanted Manor when he sang in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall. The USA Kirks Folly were there too who are on QVC TV. Really this event should have been on TV as they planned, but luck was not on our side. In England he gigged all the time and was never out of work so living in Wales is a real eye opener. So many people complement him on his voice and some just do not believe he is singing live because he has perfect tone. But in Wales you have to be proud to be Welsh as you can see in Football and Ruby.

Jakson Lee stated his singing and acting career with WOW a musical theatre group. Which is free for all young people, finding something like this is like winning the Olympics. He sadly ended up leaving WOW after winning a singing competition with his own original songs. Now that is something for a 15 year old boy. Do you remember the old 60's star Twinkle? Well he got to work with her and she wrote a song for him to sing with another Weymouth artist. Sadly his manager took him to the cleaners and he had to venture out alone getting his own musical gigs.

Jakson Lee is my partner and I am so glad I nagged him to create all the songs with me for my Butterfly Lullaby story book. Because even though it has been a rough and stormy road, I have achieved so much with so little help. Google I know you do believe in us as that is why we manage to make it to the top of the search engines for being unique and my book is OOAK (One of a kind.)

Dance like a Butterfly song - Weymouth singer Jakson Lee

Here is our one and only original Butterfly Lullaby song. Jakson Lee was meant to sing two songs live at the Book launch, but sadly it was not possible. Maybe one day Weymouth singer Jakson Lee will perform this song live with the help of a Theatre Company as it would make a beautiful production which I am sure would sell out! Weymouth you should invest in Jakson Lee as he is just pure talent!

The Upwey Wishing Well in Weymouth is in my story book Butterfly Lullaby. It has the most magical wishing well in the world, so well worth a visit. Jakson Lee sings our haunting Wishing Well song:

When Jakson Lee lived in Weymouth he often sang Jingles for a studio in Weymouth run by David Heart. He sold these jingles to Radio stations.

Here is Weymouth's Jakson Lee singing Butterfly Kisses, which is the best Wedding song ever! You can see Josephine Walls paintings in the background.

Jakson Lee singing Gotta get through this with Danny on the guitar.

Jakson Lee singing Bring him home

Jakson Lee singing this Women's work:

What you see is what you get, ha ha. He does not need any gimmicks. Here is Jakson Lee singing First time I ever saw your face

When it comes to creating amazing music Jakson Lee is outstanding. The song below is sung by an unknown artist. But she is amazing! He wrote and created the music and his friend Bruce wrote the song. I cannot believe this was never a hit. Because it is hit material!

I believe it is time for the UK to put a stop to all racism and show compassion for those that have suffered because of old Government and Monarch history. People need to understand that no matter which Country you come from, individual people have nothing to do with old history and it is time to forgive for our children's sake. They expect more from adults than to be taught how to bully the innocent!

Our little girl had the English speaking school teachers, the headmaster and parents in tears when she sang Heal the World. Racism has affected us as a family. We have talent and should not be made to feel worthless! My Nan died feeling ugly because of the Colour of her skin and here we are white English Aliens living in Wales. Don't get me wrong their are plenty of lovely Welsh people (Welsh and English speaking) but when it comes to English speaking people Welsh or English we have many problems to overcome. Just look at the racism in Welsh football and rugby against the English.

Little Snowflake said to me Mummy I have had enough I want us to move to Weymouth, England where we will be loved. Then I can see Grandma all the time and we can have fun on the beach and feel we belong. She will be sad to leave all her wonderful English speaking Welsh friends behind. But maybe it is time for us to head back home to a place that I hope will open it's heart to us and let us shine as a family! So we can put a stop to racism and give other families hope!

Before I go I will be adding Jakson Lee's original songs to a blog because he deserves to shine as he has felt worthless and useless for far too long!

It is time for people to open their hearts and to stop our children crying!

Please support us and forward the below blog to everyone you know in the hope that people will write to Aaron and request our Welsh speaking and English speaking children to sing Heal the World in Welsh and English at the next Football/Rugby game and put a stop to this bullying so our children have a brighter and happier future!

Sharon J Bainbridge Google+

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Family fun Weymouth Olympics

Every year we go for a walk along the beach in Weymouth to check out the Sand Sculptures along the seafront. This year we could not see any sand sculpture as it was a work in progress. But excitedly we saw that the artist had opened Sand World just up the road. Well of course being a family of artists we had to check it out. And what fun we all had! Still waiting for the photos to arrive!!!

My little girl got to create her very own sand sculpture and brought the above Postcard, which she adores. As you can see Little Snowflake even had a go at drawing the Sea Mermaid sculpture and used the fish in her Wenlock and Mandeville sea painting.


Your kids big and little will be totally amazed!

This is what we saw and we would definatley go back!

The staff are so friendly in Sand World and help your child build their own little sand creation using water, sand and moulding tools. When Little Snowflake asked "Can I please have an autograph from the sand sculpting artist?" They replied yes of course. Just buy a Postcard and collect it in the week. Well Little Snowflake brought the above Sea mermaid postcard, which is in her picture above, and asked if Mark Anderson (sand artist) would sign her hand made magazine she created. They said yes. That week Little Snowflake had met Welsh sports lady Non Evans and had her signature on the cover of her made up magazine. She drew a picture of her and wrote all about her. So when she gets her Olympic magazine back she will write about Sand World and the Sailing in Weymouth. Grandma lives in Weymouth so she is going to see if she can get her some other autographs as Little Snowflake is Olympic and Paralympic mad.

Here is the link to Sand World

Little Snowflake is also very proud to be related to a Paralympic Star. Her Great Grandad is on her family tree. I hope I can somehow get a signed autograph for Litttle Snowflake before her favourite Paralympic star leaves the UK for OZ.


You can buy the Gold Wenlock in the Olympic shop in Weymouth, Dorset. As far as I know you cannot get this toy in another shops.

Why not visit my favourite wishing well and order some yummy food whilst listening to the water flowing through the magical Upwey Wishing Well gardens.

Here are my little Butterfly Lullaby fairies from my story book. I wonder if you will see them dancing amongst the flowers?

I think this is the same Holiday camp where I met my partner Jakson Lee. He was one of the local singers in this Weymouth holiday camp. Both my Dad and sister were so impressed with his singing voice they came back to get me to listen to him. The rest is history.

I think Weymouth should ask my partner Jakson Lee to sing Nessun Dorma at the Weymouth Sailing Olympics to help put a stop to racism in the UK. How sad that he no longer sings for a living, all because of stupid old history, which has nothing to do with us! My Uncle went into a local pub near us and asked the manager "Do you support local acts?" They said yes of course. But as soon as my Uncle mentioned we had moved up from England they walked away! But I know Jakson Lee can really sing and so do these people and nationality should have nothing to do with it!

I believe Weymouth Sailing Olympics should also have our daughter singing Heal the World and put shame on all racist sports people that teach our children to bully. Even better have her singing God save our children at a football match!

Little Snowflake should then sing Save me by Queen  and ask the question why are children not allowed to have video footage of them singing at the Grand Theatre? Why are they not allowed to look back on important memories when they have stood in front of 700 people and sang their little hearts out. Why are some adults so selfish and not able to put children first? I hope in the future people will see just how unreasonable this is and sort it out. All we need is a CRB check website for Struggling Mothers to sell old and new things with no fees. A place where our children can shine safely away from the Riff Raff. And a place where good Dad's can help Struggling Mothers to earn a living so they can be with their children at home! It is not a lot to ask!

Weymouth is a gorgeous little seaside town. And you will have lots of fun there. The shops are close by the seafront. And there is plenty to do. I really hope that this year with such an important event like the Olympics that people really help put a stop to racism and bullying as our children expect more from adults!

Lastly, although Wales does not love me because I am English, I still promote you because there are some lovely kind Welsh people in Wales who should not be associated with the ones that hate us. So if you are looking for a fairy tale castle to visit here it is!

Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE:, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Cheap Wenlock toys

Are you looking for cheap Wenlock toys? Go to Argos as Olympic toys are half price from £4.50 to £4.99, usual price £9.99 each. I love the swimming Wenlock very Weymouth! The Gold Wenlock is from the Weymouth Olympic Shop along the Seafront. Are you going to see the Olympic Sailing in Weymouth?  

We need to pick up my little girls sports magazine she created with sports women Non Evans signature on it. She really wanted a signature from the sand artist down in Weymouth so left it there. I think her Grandmothers is going to try and get some signatures for her as her brother has a B&B where Sky TV are staying. How exciting! One sports signature she really wants is that of Madison as her Great Grandad is on her family tree. Mandeville is loved just the same as Wenlock! You can get a baby Mandeville with a London T-shirt which Little Snowflake shows you in the video.

I have just ordered a T-Shirt with Little Snowflakes Olympic painting on it for her teacher. But I have added all the flags. Will show you once it has been printed.

My Butterfly Lullaby book promotes Weymouth and the Upwey Wishing Well! Team Britain! It would be so great if the Olympics made us into a proper team and put a stop to racism and brought back respect for old fashioned family values. Then we could really remember the Olympics with pure happiness as sports seems to get all the money these days! So it has an obligation to make us proud!

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE:, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

Monday, 16 July 2012

Butterfly Lullaby lyrics Olympics

Before I give you the original Butterfly Lullaby lyrics. I want to mention that Mandeville and Wenlock are sitting on my Butterfly Lullaby fairy book because Weymouth is in my story. That is where they are holding the sailing for the Olympics 2012. So if you go to Weymouth and visit the Upwey Wishing Well give them my regards. And while you are there ask them why they do not have a copy of my fairy book?


Butterfly Lullaby sing me a song
In the night there you fly
Far from your home
Summer time has come and gone
Look what you've done
You can be my butterfly
I want to sing you a lullaby
Open up your wings and fly
Your my Butterfly 


Back in 2005 I really believed that the UK, was a team and that we were Team Great Britain. But living in Wales has shown me just how far away from the truth it really is. Don't believe me? Well read the article from an English player begging Wales not to boo the English team when they play in Cardiff! Aaron Ramsey urges Wales fans not to boo the English 15/07/12. Also see You Tube videos Wales boo English. There is a kind Welsh man that was ashamed of the other Welsh football fans for booing England. Thankfully this shows that it does not matter which Country you come from there are good and bad people all over the world and that is why we cannot say everyone is the same. Sports needs to do something about this racism as it is not only the Welsh but England can be just as bad when it comes to German people. Thanks to these racist our children suffer! I want them all punished and thrown out of football stadiums across the world for behaving badly!

Here is the King Butterfly Singing our Original Butterfly Lullaby!  


My little girl, Little Snowflake said to me "Mummy I will go to court with you to fight all the people that have stopped you trading!" When I showed her my old blog and all the comments and how someone had tampered with it and deleted all my videos etc she was so cross she said that's it, lets get out of Wales and go to Weymouth to live with Grandma. Five years of marketing and all my hard work has been stolen and ripped off. People on the Internet have done all they can to stop me trading and sadly justice is yet to be served! Even my Butterfly Lullaby trademark has not protected me against bad people who care not about children!

Here is my original blog. All my lovely comments from people deleted by those who are determined to stop Butterfly Lullaby from flying all the way to the Olympics and getting justice for all women and children. 


If you go to see the sailing in Weymouth make sure to visit the Upwey Wishing Well. It is a stunning place with magical gardens with the best wishing well in the world! Here are some images I created using the Upwey Wishing Well gardens.

I will have to show you the comments I recorded yesterday from my original Butterfly Lullaby lyrics blog, which now no longer exist. If only I had read them out. It is amazing what nasty gremlins get away with and sad that Mother and Children get no help or support to bring justice to our world. What we need is the Butterfly Princess to fly down to Weymouth and ask Mandeville and Wenlock to share their colour and make our land one to be proud of! But sadly most rich people do not know how to share!

Oh the pink warning message has come up again. So will you get to see this blog, I somehow doubt it! The power of money ah. And how it can make people such evil nasty little beings! I wonder if their is a court outside of the UK that will bring justice to all people?

Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE:, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

Cheap Wenlock + Mandeville toys

Little Snowflake my little girl is Olympic mad. Seeing as we cannot go and see Madison Race at the Paralympics I thought I ought to buy her some Olympic toys. Lucky for me Argos have a sale and they are half price. Total bargain! Some Wenlock toys were £4.50 and the others £4.99. Usual price £9.99 each. So Mummy is very happy. And the cute little Wenlock T-shirt was approximately £6.

Here is Little Snowflake talking about the Olympic toys which she just loves.

I was going to stop blogging as it seems that no matter what I do there is always someone trying to stop me from achieving to support my little girl and give her a better life. But this Mummy has to have her own Olympic game (Paralympics.) I am proud that I am like Mandeville as I am not perfect the way some British people expect you to be, dyslexia can hold you back. But maybe sometimes we need to show the bigger picture so people can say wow well done for not giving up!

The Mandeville and Wenlock story where the rainbow colours the characters is very similar to mine. Colour me a fairies wish is my children's story based on Butterfly Lullaby. Where the rainbow colours the Olympic characters the raindrops from the rainbow colour my two little fairies.

I nearly got to work with a famous man from Children's TV. But sadly the Internet sent me too many Gremlins to deal with and my dreams were gone. At least I am left with this memory of him reading my story Colour me a fairies wish, which we were going to personalise for children around the world. As you can see the fairies start off with black and white wings and then they end up with all the colours of the rainbow.


Contact me Sharon J. Bainbridge

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE:, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

Sunday, 15 July 2012


The British Olympics are drawing near.  And Butterfly Lullaby becomes part of the Olympics. Who would have thought five years ago I would have known that Weymouth, Dorset, UK would be holding the Sailing Olympics in the same place I met my partner, singer, Jakson Lee (out of work singer at that as he cannot say he is proud to be Welsh.) And the very place I photographed the Upwey Wishing well for my Butterfly Lullaby fairy book. You will not be able to buy this book in Weymouth, one day the truth will come out as Butterfly Lullaby is no fairy tale but rather a horror story. It has taken me on a Journey I would not wish upon my enemy. But one I hope to win for all struggling mothers and children!

When I searched for the word Butterfly Lullaby and brought the Trademark I had no idea back then just how popular the Butterfly Lullaby word would become and the trouble that would attach itself with it. Everyone has gone Butterfly Lullaby mad. They use my name even when their videos or images have nothing to do with Butterfly Lullaby just to get to the top of Google.



Five years ago Butterfly Lullaby was launched at the Dylan Thomas Centre.


Butterfly Lullaby sing me a song
In the night there you fly
Far from your home
Summer time has come and gone
Look what you've done
You can be my butterfly
I want to sing you a lullaby
Open up your wings and fly
Your my Butterfly 

Here is the King Butterfly singing Butterfly Lullaby.

Dance Like a Butterfly is one of my favourite songs from my story book Butterfly Lullaby.

You were the one is sang by Evil Prince Stinger and wow I have come across some of them here on the Internet.

Butterfly Lullaby, will there ever be a happy ending. And will my adverts ever be family and child friendly the way they should be? Will there ever be a CRB check website for Mothers and Children to sell old and new things so families, no longer have to struggle and a place where children can really shine in a safe environment? Is there anyone in this world that really cares and wants to help?


It is without a doubt in my mind that everything bad that has happened to my business is to steel from all my hard work. A famous man from Children's TV would not have wanted to work with me if my work was not up to standard. So what if I am dyslexic and missed a lot of school because of asthma and my mother being ill all my life. Does that mean people have the right to judge me? Should they not be helping me instead of finding fault as all I need is an editor. But financially I cannot afford one! Here is my story Colour me a fairies wish, which is a short version of Butterfly Lullaby.


Western culture pretends to care but really it is all about milking the poor! And getting rich in the process!
My little girl cried "Why will no one help me!" The house makes us both ill with asthma. I was miss sold on the house. The bank should have informed me that there is no felt under the roof tiles and that the House Insurance will not cover any damage from the roof until felt is installed. But no, they saw that I was putting a big lump sum down and covered themselves thinking this will be a nice little earner when we reposes. Western culture is all about money, there are no morals or family values!


Am I hated because I am English? I want to say thank you to the Welsh man for putting the video footage of England v Wales on You Tube. The Welsh Football fans booed the English. He was ashamed (there are some lovely kind Welsh people in Wales.) I was ashamed when the German Singer in Britain's got talent got booed by the English. Why do people judge so quickly and take out old history on those that had nothing to do with it? This teaches our children to bully. Adults are teaching our poor children very bad things! And it is time to put a stop to it. When the Welsh School booed our English speaking school in rehearsal, you ask yourself what adults have taught them to hate and why are they taking it out on innocent children. All they did was say we are the Queen, meaning the band the Queen and not the monarch. My little girl shook when she sang for us, thinking the parents would boo her too.

A man came round to my house from International Wales. He trashed all my work and then on the way out he tried to kiss me on the lips to add salt to injury. Before that trying to get the book launch at the Dylan Thomas Centre was impossible. If it was not for Phil Cope I would never have had a book launch. Cultural Enterprise was closed down and that is when all my problems started!


When the Internet let me down because of it's lack of respect for children and family values I had no choice but to get a job in the school kitchen. You would think that your top boss in head office would be impressed at your efforts to try and learn Welsh. The dinner ladies are some of the kindest people you will ever meet!

You would think that if the Council's design team loved your little girls vegetable and fruit pirates and wanted to put them on the Swansea Council Website to promote school dinners that your boss would encourage it. But NO!  She who has no children said NO! I am told that some schools question why she is in charge of school dinners because she is not a good advertisement for healthy living. Well done Jamie Oliver for stepping in re school dinners as children are important! Even though you have not supported my little girl!

In a year my Asthma got so bad that I was waking up at 2.00 am in the morning unable to breathe.When I quit I told the Council exactly what I thought of the salary title Grave Digger for us staff and the head cook. Seriously how can you degrade a cook that has studied for so long, just because she is a women working in the school! Look at how low teachers assistant wages are. Women are still getting walked over by MEN! And sadly they let them! Too scared to speak out!

My daughters own school was not allowed to do a fun art and word competition with me so I can earn money to fix the house. I was going to give a huge amount to the school 50%. And was told that I could do this competition if I did it for free or charity! Yet the Council has no problem with papers and photographers earning money and charging the parents. Not the schools fault the powers that be make all the rules.

I wonder if it had anything to do with me fighting for the school field and telling the Council where they can stick their job and the fact that I am English? When I wrote to the Welsh Paper and told them that fairy artist Josephine Wall and actor Michael Sheen sent cards and letters of support. They did not mention Josephine Wall at all in the article (was it because she is English?)



I wonder if anyone has ever thought about taking Western Culture to court and asking why there are no child and family values? And why are so many men allowed to disrespect children and women? Why are football fans allowed to be so racist teaching our children to be bullies? I would have thought that one Government would have written back and apologised for all the problems I have faced and how justice has not protected my little girl and her family. But that just shows how our recession is so totally man made by the rich!

The above video shows just how women and children are trashed by Western culture!
Question is does anybody care?


The Butterfly Lullaby book has been advertised all over the Internet and for many copies. These people must have reproduced the book somehow and are advertising them in bulk. Take a look at the damp room.
Most of the books are damaged. There may be some that are not in other places in the house. But why should these evil people profit from our misfortune. £1 is meant to go to Cystic Fibrosis and my little girl deserves to live in a decent damp free house. If our Government was good and kind it would take the books I have and sell them in Weymouth, Dorset for tourists to buy. The Butterfly Lullaby way!

If you want to change Western Culture to make sure your child has a better life than you then get in contact. Teamwork can move mountains! Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+

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