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Sunday 28 October 2012

Opticians pick up on child's dyslexia

Opticians pick up on child's dyslexia. I took my little girl to the opticians on Friday and he noticed that she was unable to read the letters when they were all joined together. But could read them when they were on their own. He said I should get her checked out for dyslexia! She has never been statemented as far as I am aware for being dyslexic at school, but I have always felt she does suffer from it and that is the reason she copied all the time! Not because she was naughty but because it was a cry for help! Let's face it if anyone will pick up on it, it will be a Mother who has suffered from dyslexia herself and can see the signs. I used to copy too because I could not do the work at school, nothing worse than feeling worthless and stupid! I remember copying my friends name on a form and thinking oops! I was off school a lot with asthma which meant I lagged behind! Sadly some people see copying as something bad instead of understanding a child needs help and support! And there are some so called church people who make fun of people who are not as bright as others (their words!) Being clever is all down to memory and people should be grateful for that!

When I left school I did a graphic course and found that really difficult too as I need to be shown what to do rather than told. Just like my little girl. Mothers at school are complaining that I should not be allowed to Home School my little girl because I do not have any qualifications. They have even taken to spreading slander. I told one Mother that I am not stupid as I did make my way to Managing Director's secretary and had to fight to get away from reception because the clients praised me as the Heart of Haskoll's. I was too good at my job and that is why I had to leave and go back! I am proud of what I have achieved in life as nothing has been handed on a plate! Even one ex employer told his daughter that I could have been a ship broker as I was extremely clever! This is a painting I created called Trapped in the City. That was the old me, now I am a proud Mum who knows I need to make sure my little girl grows up confident and never allows anyone to treat her badly! And that is why she does not wear make-up and nail varnish like most of her old friends! Because children should always be children and not grown ups!

My Butterfly Lullaby book may not be perfect because a lot of people let me down. But guess what children have told me they love the story, so who cares what some grown up's think!

Who can say they got to work with a famous man from children's TV. And the only reason it did not work out is because the Internet is not child or family friendly! How sad these Mothers cannot say anything positive about the things I have achieved!

With Home Schooling my little girl could get an amazing job in animation! Yes it is obvious she needs English and Maths. But she also needs art which is something school's do not really concentrate on!

If you suffer from any sort of bullying, do not let them get away with it. Team up with others and put a stop to people who need to get a better hobby, one that creates smiles and happiness!

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