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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Banks no family values

How many people have begged the bank not to lend their partner money, because they cannot handle credit and just get in debt? I want to know your story. Leave a comment below and share with the world how greedy and nasty bankers are. Thanks to greedy banks and credit cards my partner owes nearly £20,000. I was so close to getting him out of debt before he was given credit and they destroyed everything I had achieved. How can these greedy bankers live with themselves knowing they are destroying family life. And keep paying themselves huge bonuses. It is as if they are possessed by the devil, wanting more and more and more money and possession and not giving a thought to our poor children that are suffering.

The women at Lloyds Bank that gave the ok for my partner to have credit better take a good look at what she has put my little girl through. And let me tell you when I am on my feet I am coming for you all in a big way verbally. Because I am not putting up with you greedy rich people destroying family life for our children. This is verbal war, and I don't need any guns or knives because Mothers are able to solve things by fighting back verbally. We bring life into the world and do not agree with destroying it. Making sure our world and children stay safe is the number one priority. I want to see the Government taxing things that destroy family life. All those nasty sites that are not child friendly I hope they suffer and stung badly by the tax man, serves them right for hurting so many people.

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Butterfly Lullaby hates Swing out Sister no family values

2012 is time to put a stop to greed, bullying and selfishness! More compassion, help and support for Mum's that need to earn a living from home so they can can look after their children! On the up side it looks like David Cameron is going to make the Internet more child friendly which is a blessing in disguise for all Mothers that want their children to grow up and be respected as human beings.

As a Mother who tried to earn a living on the Internet to provide for her child can you imagine what it feels like to have a band like Swing out Sister come along a year after my fairy book launch for Butterfly Lullaby and bring out there song called Butterfly Lullaby which over take me in Google. Did they pay to over take me like some companies advertise they can? I am just thankful that Google have a heart and put me back where I belong as I am the Founder of Butterfly Lullaby and own the Butterfly Lullaby Trademark and websites it is also my original song title, album name and fairy book name. Swing out Sister do you have children? Do you know what it is like to suffer financially and how difficult it is for Mothers to earn a decent salary in this awful man run world when you try and put your child first?  Go ahead Swing out Sister take a good long look at my little girls horrible damp house and think about her suffering with Asthma which she does. Also have a good long think about how you have helped stop me from earning money to go to Cystic Fibrosis in the hope for a cure for her Cousin Jodie. Cystic Fibrosis is a horrible illness and one you should look up. Be ashamed!

Here is Butterfly Lullaby the ONE AND ONLY ORIGINAL! I created all the fairy costumes, images and story and co wrote the songs. Quite an achievement from a Mum who re-mortgaged to get the job done so she could earn a living to support her little girl. The power of money and greed is seriously

Swing out Sister please tell me how you felt when your Butterfly Lullaby song you created a year after all my work got used for adult videos and images. Did you not think to contact me and apologize and do all you could to put it right? No you kept your silly song on the Internet while I was left to pick up all the pieces and make all the Police calls. Write all the letters of complaints and basically waste all my time fighting for justice which never happened because I am not rich to protect myself. How did you feel that your song came right up next to all my children's images and trashed everything I had worked for. How did you feel knowing that thanks to you I did not get to work with that famous man from Children's TV on children's personalised stories because all my work got blocked because my Trademark name was used. Yes my Trademark name BUTTERFLY LULLABY. Am I upset? You bet I am fed up and upset. Every single rich person I have met have been totally selfish, moaning about having to pay for poor peoples National Health and in the next breath boasting about spending a £1,000 on a bottle of wine. They all want cheap labour! At first when your Butterfly Lullaby song came out I thought it was a fluke but when I saw Anderson Press also overtaking me in Google as well with their Butterfly Lullaby book I looked at all the previous problems where the website people tried to keep hold of my domain name and registered it in theirs. The way the host was a total bully and I could not access my website and had to pay an IT person to come out and found out it was locked so could not move it away from him. Funny thing is we got thousands upon thousands of hits on our songs and no sales on the download website, suspicious is not the word. Borders sell  27 of my books in one month and only paid for 10. And the Internet has been hell with book stores ripping me and the charity off seeing my books for sale for big money and not being able to stop it. Poor Jodie and others like her what hope do they have when we have so many selfish people in the world.
Did I mention my sister in law is training to be a Barrister. I hope the Government will get me the justice I deserve.To all those people that think they can mess with me and trash my work, I fight for justice and have not lost one battle yet. You had better start saving as I demand a huge compensation bill for trying to destroy my little girls life. I look forward to receiving the report from Google and the Police with regards to all the people that have used my Trademark name and name without my consent! Start saving and praying as this Mummy never gives up or gives in. Justice is something all children deserve!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sherry trifle no fruit quick recipe

Love trifle but hate the fruit? Hate cooking? Well here is my very own wonderful quick and easy recipe for sherry trifle. "I know I spelt trifle wrong on the picture, but this Mummy is busy so I am sure you will forgive me!" I have used cherry Madeira cake but you can use plain!


1 carton of Devon custard
Jelly (Strawberry or raspberry)
Madeira cake (I use cherry madeira cake, yummy, yummy in my tummy)

I have created a video of me making this trifle so stay tuned! Will upload it this week. I have had flu so my voice is quite funny. Good job I am not a perfectionist as I would never get anything finished.

Have to go and clean, boring! The only good thing about being a women is the fact that you give birth to a baby that just adores you.

SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE:, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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