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Tuesday, 17 January 2017


It looks unlikely that my partner will get paid for the work he did. I refuse to let my daughter have a bad birthday! 

So, I am creating a video for Crowd Funding to get her the computer she needs to help her with her drawing and singing skills. This computer she can draw on. The Surface Book computer will help her create fun Manga style Maths Cards. Maths is a subject she struggles with. 

Melody has been following American Author/Artist, Mark Crilley for quite some time. Thanks to his You Tube Videos, her Manga art has really progressed. 


Mark Crilley's You Tube Art Tutorial


My partner said, there is no way I will be able to get funding for Melody for her birthday. I disagree! So many wonderful, kind people support her. 

Melody's Art and Singing video. Note her art has progressed since this video!

Mark Crilley gave Melody a like on this drawing, from one of his art tutorials. Talk about jump up and down with excitement. We all did!

Mark Crilley also liked her bunny drawing, from the below Art Tutorial.

Bunny Rabbit drawing Tutorial by Mark Crilley.

Melody has nearly all Mark Crilley's Books! They really encourage children to love reading. Just like Dork Diaries books do. Drawings with stories make reading fun!

OMG (Oh my gosh) Mark Crilley liked her Brody's Ghost drawing, and said "THANK YOU!"

I heard a scream in the bathroom, and shouted upstairs ... "Melody, are you OK?" I thought she had seriously hurt herself. But no, Mark Crilley had left the above THANK YOU message for her, and liked her drawing. WOW, I AM SO HAPPY FOR HER!


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