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Friday, 1 April 2016

Japanese Knotweed Ointment moisturizer

Why spend over sixty pounds on an expensive anti-ageing product full of chemicals, when you can make your own, which is 100% chemical free. Organic! And will not break the purse strings. 


I have been making my own Organic Japanese Knotweed Face Oil for over a year. And love it! My sister loves this stuff too. And my daughter said, "Mum, you don't look fifty!" My skin is definitely looking, and feeling younger. 

Japanese knotweed and anti-aging

Japanese knotweed has become a popular, natural ingredient in anti-aging supplements and anti-wrinkle creams do to the presence of resveratrol. Resveratrol is the ingredient in red wine responsible for the recent recommendations of drinking at least a glass a day to promote heart health. Resveratrol is a substance that lowers blood sugar and improves circulation. Japanese knotweed has been included in many anti-aging supplements due to the positive effects of the resveratrol found in abundance in this natural ingredient. By improving blood flow and circulation, the resveratrol present in Japanese knotweed helps to improve the tone and quality of the skin by keeping the blood flowing and delivering nutrients and other materials necessary to keep the skin firm and elastic.
The increased blood flow helps to slow or reverse the process of the breakdown of collagen and elastin fibers, both of which are responsible for holding the skin in place and keeping a youthful appearance. When these collagen and elastin fibers break down, the skin becomes victim to the forces of gravity, creating the sagging and wrinkled appearance associated with aging. Learn about resveratrol's anti inflammatory benefits.
The use of Japanese knotweed in anti-aging supplements is intended to keep the blood circulating to the areas most affected by the detrimental effects of getting older. While many areas of the body benefit from improved vascular health and cardiac function, the skin is one of the first areas addressed by those concerned with the effects of getting older. When included in an anti-aging supplement and used on a regular basis, Japanese knotweed will help to slow the appearance of the lines and wrinkles that cause people to seek out anti-aging treatments.

Resveratol is found in grapes (but the highest resveratrol properties are found in Japanese Knotweed.)

Resveratrol and Japanese knotweed extract

Most people who purchase resveratrol supplements - often known as the red wine pill - are actually consuming Japanese knotweed extract rather than grape extract. This is because Japanese knotweed extract is a more concentrated and consistent source of resveratrol than grape extracts, and therefore less expensive.

Longer life thanks to Resveratrol!

All about resveratrol! And it's anti-ageing properties.




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