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Sunday 21 May 2017

Eurovision 2017 Best song EVER PORTUGAL!

I really wanted to Blog last week about Salvador Sobral and his sister, and say WELL DONE ... "BEST EUROVISION SONG EVER!" My daughter, partner and I voted for you here from the UK, and we are so very happy you won! The song is amazing and a credit to the Eurovision/World! It is quite simply, the best ever Eurovision song I have heard. I do hope it encourages other songwriters to write this way. Even though we could not understand the words, it simply did not matter, we all fell in love with the Melody and vocals.

And I apologise for the poor losers here in the UK. The Eurovision is not a Football match, but a talent show. So many talented artist. Note, we are all different and some British people will give credit where credit is due! I am so sorry about this silly press article that blames Brexit. Total Hogwash!

Salvador Sobral and his sister singing together. A truly beautiful moment!

Neither my daughter or partner got into any of the UK Talent shows! 

American Film Director, Tom Seidman, sent Melody a link to audition for Britain's Got Talent. But sadly, they ignored it!

But then again. I guess you have to love the Queen to be on Britain's Got Talent. Sorry, but I feel children and families are far more important, and I support saving our school fields. If Princess Diana were alive, I know she would 100% agree. After all she was a Royal worth loving.

My partner may not be singing the words correctly for Nessun Dorma. But when he used to gig, he always got a Standing Ovation. This just proves how a Melody and Voice can move you!

In 2010 my Partner auditioned for Britain's Got Talent. Of course he did not get in.
I would love to hear from other artists that never made the show. Especially, as they put on some acts purely for laughs. Forgive me, but I thought it was about talent? Obviously money is more important to Britain's Got Talent, than doing the right thing!

My partner singing ... "The first time I ever saw your face!"

My partner singing Butterfly Kisses.

My partner singing "This women's work."

My partner singing with a friend in our lounge

I would have posted last week, but I have been in pure agony as I sprained my shoulder playing a virtual boxing game with my daughter. Should come with a warning, LOL! 

Anyway, well done Portugal again. I am sure your song will help create a kinder world. 
Well deserved. 

Feel free to contact me on You Tube. Or Facebook. I would love to hear all your stories.



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