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Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Council HERO


Thank you to Francis Frith (Julia Skinner) for allowing me to use the old Pontarddulais Cinema photo in the above Council Hero video. If you would like to buy this image here is the link:

Council HERO. Welsh (Pontarddulais) Councillor Kevin Griffiths goes above and beyond to help our Children, Families and Town. Please vote for him in May 2022. We need more people like Kevin in Government Services, because he cares more about our people and town, than money. This is rare. And something to really value and admire. He is a loyal FAMILY MAN with compassion, empathy and kindness and takes his job seriously! I believe he deserves a MEDAL for excellent service. I want people to know that everyone deserves people in Government that actually help solve problems. It is your Tax Payers money. You deserve better. If your Council, or any other Government Service is not doing it's job, complain. Let us never forget HISTORY. I am proud to live in a Town where Farmers stood up to Greedy Elites and said NO to having to pay to use a road. The Rebecca Riots must never be forgotten. REBECCA RIOTS FILM: AND NEVER FORGET THE WELSH NOT (Children beaten for speaking their native Welsh Language):
Parents worked hard to get signatures to save our School Field and Butterfly Meadow. Actor Michael Sheen and Fairy Artist Josephine Wall also helped. Welsh Actor Michael Sheen is talking on the below video about how he came from a working class background. In his day, the ARTS were supported. Not like today. You have to be rich to get into the ARTS these days, or get in serious debt. To teach Drama/ART in school today the Academic ELITES expect you to have qualifications in Maths and English. The Brick Walls need to come down.
In my day, I got paid £25 a week to go to Art College. My friend got a job in Graphic Design thanks to this Free Education. Our children seriously deserve better today, than they are getting. My daughter and I had to put up with a terrible ENGLISH Education. Councillor Kevin Griffiths funded my daughter to teach ART to children locally in 2019. I will never forget his kindness, and the support from Jason from Elim Church who very kindly gave Melody a room for free to teach art to local children. I want parents/guardians to know that when a child struggles to read, write and spell in school and are not getting the support they deserve. You are the one that can help them make reading fun, not stressful. If I can do it, then anyone can. Here is our story: OUR CHILDREN DESERVE A BETTER, KINDER WORLD, AND THIS IS POSSIBLE IF WE ALL TEAM UP TOGETHER AND HELP MAKE IT HAPPEN! Here is my research on the Homeless:
God bless and Godspeed!



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