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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Mary Seacole herbal nurse Homeschool

Mary Seacole the herbal nurse. What a fascinating lady she was! And how we enjoyed watching these four episodes based on the true history of Mary Seacole, who was around at the same time as Florence Nightingale. But of course because of the colour of her skin, history forgot her. Thankfully You Tube has not.

Mary Seacole - Episode 1 of 4

Mary Seacole - Episode 2 of 4

Mary Seacole - Episode 3 of 4

Mary Seacole - Episode 4 of 4

Horrible histories always makes children laugh. I dread to think what our future horrible histories will be like
in the future. Pretty sad I would say!

Have you used herbal remedies, if so leave us a message as we would love to hear all about them.

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