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Saturday 21 April 2012

Olympic dolls masks by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Well here are some of my handmade dolls masks for the Olympic games. I wanted to make a Welsh flag dolls mask so that Wales felt included and have even made one for Scotland, so watch this dolly space. A lot of American people are unaware that Wales and Scotland are separate Countries to England. And seeing as the Olympics is held in England I can see how these Countries could feel a little left out. But this Mummy did try and promote Wales as well as England with my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby. After all we are all part of the United Kingdom.

Now if any American people read my blog and are coming over for the Olympics. You cannot come all this way and not try Joe's Ice cream. It is only the best Ice creams in the world. I know Mumbles, Swansea is a long way away from England. But believe me the beaches here in Wales are stunning. I am talking breath taking, like New Zealand!

I believe a world team is what we all need to give our children a better future. Monica from London Mum's Magazine is a team leader, that is why we get on so well as we both believe that no matter what Country you come from we all deserve to be treated like human beings. And family values and children should come first. Anyway here is our stunning castle in Cardiff, Wales which I used in my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby.

And here is the Magical Upwey Wishing Well which I also used in my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby. This wishing well is a must and it is close by for the Water Olympics in Weymouth Dorset.

These are the original photographs of the Upwey Wishing Well I took probably back in 2005. My memory is fading, which sometimes is a good thing, te he.

Maybe one day I will be able to organise a huge art and crafts event to meet like minded people. I have already made a wonderful friend from Canada who makes amazing dolls houses out of cardboard boxes so watch this space. We will be creating something special using Monster High dolls and my Butterfly Lullaby story. Draculaura is the Butterfly Princess!

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