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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Butterfly Lullaby Christmas

Butterfly Lullaby Christmas. Over a week ago my little girl said to me "Mummy I have a great story idea for you! How about Butterfly Lullaby Christmas!" Little Snowflake has a gift for creating songs and stories on the spot, so I sat down with her on the carpet with the camcorder to hand while she took me on a magical journey based on the characters from my original story Butterfly Lullaby with a Christmas twist.

Here is part of my original Butterfly Lullaby fairy story where Feathers the wishing well fairy travels back through time:

My friend visited us today and heard my little girl make up three songs on the spot, one after another and she said "Your daughter has a gift! Could you not get a Grant to send her to stage school?" Sadly I have tried and in he UK so far Britain's favourite word is "NO!" But never mind ah as there is always Google and America! The USA opens the doors to creative people like me as they are far less judgemental!

I will be back with some crazy talk animations by Little Snowflake with her original songs!

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