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Friday, 22 July 2011

Save UK butterflies school butterfly meadow Up and away butterfly picture

Children have the right to grow up playing in long grass and not concrete. The media magazines and news broadcast are all telling us to save our butterflies, yet when it comes to getting help with saving the school butterfly meadow and school sports field there seems to be no help to be seen! I have created a picture using the butterfly pictures from the school butterfly meadow in the hope to raise money to buy the field. You may all laugh and say that is not possible, but that is why some people never live out their dreams because they just don't try or believe!

Josephine Wall is an English fairy artist I admire. Sadly the UK were too blind to see her talent, she was found by an overseas company. I have based her painting Up and Away where the fairy is towed by her butterfly playmates above the countryside.

My interpretation of the picture is of a little school child sobbing in the school butterfly meadow because she does not want her and her butterfly friends meadow taken away. The butterflies group together as she disappears in the long grass and awakes as a beautiful white butterfly fairy. She groups the butterflies together with thin gold silk ribbon and they take off to find a new butterfly meadow, leaving all the caterpillars and butterfly eggs behind.

Lets hope it does not come to that! fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Holly blue butterfly fairy - save school butterfly meadow

My friend who just hates butterflies managed to photograph the Holly Blue butterfly in the school butterfly meadow last week. I was so proud of her as she is scared stiff of butterflies because of the flapping. I have photographed many coloured butterflies over the past year, which I strongly believe is thanks to the school butterfly meadow. Six years of looking for coloured butterflies and only seeing the cabbage white butterfly must means something! This butterfly deserves to take pride place with all my other little fairies, "so welcome to the Holly blue butterfly fairy."

I was emailed the picture of the little girl with the black dress on and asked to transfer her into a fairy. I think she looks gorgeous as a Little Holly Blue Butterfly Fairy. So thanks Chrissie for taking the picture of the original butterfly. I think she will have to agree that the butterfly she was so frightened of is not so frightening now, ah!

This morning I had an email which read "I wish I had your talent." Coming from someone who has a successful business means the world! Thanks to her I think I will continue creating pretty little fairy pictures as after all I have an obligation to show my little girl that dreams can come true, but you have to keep fighting and keep dreaming!

It does make me laugh that you read save our butterflies, but when you write to people and beg for help to save a school butterfly meadow, "there is no help to be seen!" Here are just a few of the butterflies that live in the school meadow. 

I hope if the butterfly meadow gets sold, I will get to keep all the stinging nettles to feed the caterpillars and the holly so the butterflies can lay their eggs on and reproduce for years to come. Sadly I don't hold much hope of being able to save the meadow without the medias help! But at least we have Google! fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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