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Saturday, 8 June 2013


I had a meeting my MP today, 7/6/13, to discuss the following horrifying issues, which are destroying our children's human rights to be an innocent child and have a happy family home. I asked how can we sort this dreadful problem out, he replied "By people like me, Mother, Sharon J. Bainbridge, complaining!" Therefore the Government does nothing until it is challenged, which I find disgusting! This is my second meeting with him. I do hope that Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Aunt's and Uncles will team up together and share this blog with everyone you know and make an appointment to see your MP and complain! Otherwise we will end up like Germany who are forcing girls and boys to shower together in school and teaching them Dr Kinsey's sick Sex Education where anything goes, sexual grooming for paedophiles, it is just a nightmare and until you watch the German Documentary and listen to American, Dr Reisman's research,  you will never believe it. I think you will agree after reading and watching the evidence that all children need protection with a CHILDREN'S HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL well away from Government. If the Government/Councils think it is ok for student girls to sell their bodies for sex, because they are of age, then their morals are seriously lacking! So please do contact me and team up. The hard hitting evidence is as follows:

German Panorama uncovers Dr Kinsey as an evil sex criminal who paid paedophiles to sexually rape children against their will, over and over again and timed their orgasm. How many of these victims of abuse suffered from mental illness? Is this why mentally ill people are being punished again and forced to work?

You Tube video: Switzerland/Germany. Originators of early sexualization 
(long version. English)

 Dr. Judith Reisman: Debunking That Pervert Kinsey

Please go to Dr Reisman's Website and see all her research, it is shocking.

It is said the Government backed Kinsey:

Even the American's found it disturbing what the German Government are teaching children in school:

Homeschool family fled Germany because they did not want their children forced to shower with boys and girls together and taught paedophile like behaviour, which they called Sex Education all based on sick Dr Kinsey. The German Government want all children to have the same sick education in state schools. This is why they are forcing parents into jail and steeling their children. More forced adoption for profit.


Gay Marriage will encourage further forced adoption. Parents have already shown concern over Disney encouraging gay couples to enter the child zone, where innocent children are subjected to gay couples openly kissing and fondling each other in public.

 “Some gay men even proclaim they will never allow the child to know its real mother,” said Mr Wallace. “How is this not ‘deeply shameful and distressing’ as the PM has called forced adoption today?

This has nothing to do with being anti gay, I have known gay male friends in the past. But I do feel children have a right to a birth mother and father and with Forced Adoption for Profit destroying so many children's lives, it is a real concern, as it has been going on on for too many years and covered up with secret courts.  Gay marriage will encourage forced adoption for profit even further. Children are more important than adults and it is disgraceful how Governments are pushing Gay Marriage as an important gender, instead of catching the paedophiles and protecting children's rights to a happy normal family life by changing the media and schooling and stop teaching sex. Muslims do not promote pornography, drink, gambling as they know these three things in danger real family life. Our Western Culture is very selfish and non committal to human rights of a child and proves just how damaging these three things are. Yet they persist on brainwashing us.

We need people like Philip Schofield to stand up in the media to protect children's rights because the Government clearly do not have their interests at heart. I cannot see how anyone saw the names on the piece of paper that he handed David Cameron. He did not do it on purpose. At least he cares about children! What we don't want is people taking the law in their own hands! The justice system needs correcting.

UK. John Hemming speech about adoption apologies

There is evidence that children are being stolen from their grandparents as well as parents. Children who have living family are forcefully taken from their loved ones and sold for profit! Why do prisoners get special treatment but children are allowed by our system to be used and abused.

MP John Hemming speaks about just how much money is involved with forced adoption for profit.

Denise Robertson - Stop Forced Adoption Conference

Agony Aunt for ITV has been following forced adoption for over 35 years, and our Government has done nothing to stop it! They would rather waste tax payers money on fostering stolen children out to couples for big money that destroy a child's right to a normal happy family home than protect them.

The start of Amy Lillian's fight against Social Services and injustice
How can Social Services illegally steel a Mothers child because she lost her footing and fell down a cliff. This poor mother is still fighting for her son.

Baile, Nigel Coopers daughter, has a right to chose if she wants to live with her father. So why is she forcefully been put in care? It is not acceptable to destroy a child's right to happiness.
Baile's true story, stolen and put in care illegally:

BailieKate Cooper




The English Government still owe my Great Grandfathers army pension, which they stole. This money could have stopped my Nan and her brothers from years of hell at the hands of evil Social Workers. Made to eat and sleep in a shed. And when they found a good kind home, Social Services moved them for the hell of it. Mafia like behaviour. This is my Nan's true story as an orphaned child. My hero's are my Nan and Step Father, as they saved my sister and I from Social Services. Our poor dear Mum is one of many victims of abuse by bad evil people as a child and grown up. That is why she is mentally broken, and Social Services would have tried to steel her children if they could. When I was sick with Asthma she was always there for me and made me feel safe when I could not breathe. Recently she called me up and apologised for the medication they forced on her, which made her into a zombie, she could not get up in the morning so I had to get to school on my own. But lucky for me I am strong like my Nan. And my childhood was truly magical because I had a mother and family that really love me. Every child deserves happiness not abuse.

There are many other cases of children illegally snatched by the State (UK.)
Just look at how over sexed everything is, the Government does nothing for children and families! 
The UK Column has informed me that MP's are above the law, this puts children and adults in danger of another Hitler attack, which is to destroy children and family life as we know it.  So the Tax Payer is paying bad MP's in Government to destroy children and family values. The Tax Payer is the Governments Employee and therefore has a right to demand justice.
Take away Legal Aid and you have more children stolen by the state for profit. Already 33,000 children go missing in the UK alone. This is very suspicious. MP John Hemming has proved that Forced adoption for profit is big business so Tax Payers money is being wasted on steeling children from their families and gagged by Jack Straws gagging order. Where is this gagging order that prevents children from speaking out against child abusers like Jimmy Savile followers? Please help as I would like to see who signed it! Only the rich would steel Legal Aid from the poor so they can corrupt them even further.


The Lottery Magazine and University brags how a Law Student is getting her degree by selling her body. And glamorises and wants to help any other students who wish to do the same. So this is why there is no help for children and families. The picture is very clear, don't you think. They want an oversexed world, with no morals, no child protection and no real families.

Just look how Sky advertise adult sites right near children's channels, disgrace. And all the sites forced in our emails to encourage men and women to cheat. They have no morals or standards whatsoever. 
Family Show Britain's Got Talent (Queens show) has strippers on it. 
How can you put strippers in front of innocent children, it is simply immoral.

Women's Aid - Who would let adult sites advertise on a website that has the same name as the charity that is meant to help women that are hurt really badly by some men? I look at what my sister's husband did by bringing women and men back to the house and trying to get her to sleep with them and think, this was before the Internet.

If you skip through this video to my conversation with Women's Aid, I question what are they doing about changing the media to be child and family friendly. Their reply is very disappointing.

Here is my Mind Map on children and family life is being destroyed by the lack of morals in our society!
And lack of real law!

Children Screaming to be heard charity advised me that if a child is stolen they need to know their rights. They are by law allowed to go to a Solicitor and demand to go home. Now the Government have cleverly banned Legal Aid, I am not sure if this still stands. This proves fowl play and our recession is Government made to steel children to fund their wars.

United declaration of human rights act was put in place to stop Governments from corrupting our system.

Under the United Declaration act of Human rights I would like to challenge the Lottery Magazine and University for glamorizing student girls selling their bodies for sex and boasting that a law student is funding her career this way. No wonder we have secret courts.  All the above proves one thing and that is that there is a war on children and family within our Government. And this is why I have never had the support with my business and why the Government allowed sex sites to use my Trade Mark name to stop me trading. The above proves that Sex Education in schools must be banned. And all sex media brainwashing stopped for the protection of children against the dangerous paedophile ring, which is trying to groom them!

7th June 2013                                                                      Sharon J. Bainbridge (Concerned Mother)

Get in contact with me through You Tube and lets build a team of people who care about children and end this war on children and family life.
People do mention that they have trouble sending me messages, but keep trying.

I am on Facebook and Google+, but my Google account gets too much spam so can't see the messages.

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

3D Printer Plastic Models

3D Printer Plastic models. Wow, I cannot believe this video. My daughters father called me and said take a look at the video on You Tube called 3D Printer.

He said, just think one day we could print off our daughters little characters and sell them. Great way for her to earn pocket money! Only thing is I doubt we would be able to compete with China on costs. But great little hobby idea for those with money to spend. Apparently the printer costs around £1,500.00.

Imagine all those Moshi Monster Fans getting Mummy and Daddy to print off their little character designs. How cute. You could start your own club.

Well, it is time to tell the story of the Purple Dress, da da da! And try and sell it on Ebay.
Leave me a message on You Tube and God Bless. I don't need to go to church to be a good person, I just need to believe and try and be the best Mother and person I can be to make a difference in peoples lives. 
Contact Sharon J. Bainbridge Google+ SCRAPBOOK WITH ME, SHARON J. BAINBRIDGE:, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's) scrapbook layouts every photo tells a story

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