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Saturday, 23 April 2016

Banana and Cinnamon Ice Cream Healthy

A few weeks ago I decided to add cinnamon to my raw banana ice cream. And it tasted damn good!
I said no to chips tonight and had this instead. I am really trying to stay on my healthy diet. A) I want to stay off the Inhalers, as they destroy the calcium etc in your body. And B) I do not want to get Osteoporosis.

I would upload a video, but I have had the usual attacks on the Internet, so having a few problems. How the Elite bullies love to show you who is in control. Maybe I could give them some Banana and Cinnamon Ice Cream to soften them up, LOL!

In this video I think they used a juicer. I used a blender.  And keep watching, as the second video shows you just how good Cinnamon is for you.

Cinnamon Health Benefits


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