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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mummy who layed you? Which Nan layed you?

This will make you laugh. My little angel asked me "Mummy who layed you?" I looked puzzled and she said "which Nan layed you?" Silly Mummy it was a straight forward question after all! I took photos at a local school last year and transformed all the little children into Easter chicks, similar to the picture above . I cut out the images using the pen tool, which takes over half an hour. Is there a quicker way. And if so, does it give you the same quality? Is there any photographer in Swansea that would like to team up with me by offering some of my services? You take the photo and I will do the photoshop side using my fairy templates etc. I cannot afford to drive so I am stuck. One photographer in Swansea is advertising my fairy photography in his studio. He has my Flamingo Dragonfly costume and a few of my Butterfly Lullaby fairy books. The Flamingo Dragonfly fairy is in the video below. A beautiful pink fairy. Song Hush is by Jakson Lee my partner. I love this song. He wrote the lyrics to the song as well as the music and beautiful vocals. If you like Jakson Lee's music follow his Twitter. Official Butterfly Lullaby website:

Thank you Google for You Tube and free service

Tonight I have posted at least 7 blogs using the very easy from Google. I love it! So easy to add your videos from You Tube and pictures. The way the blog is displayed is nice and clean. The Html is handy for moving pictures around and copying in codes. Brilliant!

So thank you Google for this free service. Little Businesses like mine need that helping hand.

That's all from me tonight, making up for three years of not blogging.

P.S. To all those big businesses out there, come on guys give us little people a helping hand we don't have the money that you do to move forward. By helping little businesses you will be helping the economy. I gave free publicity to three different places in the UK for free in my Butterfly Lullaby book and I don't have a penny to my name. So surely you can do something for us little people. It is good to help!

Famous Robin Stevens gave me his time for free and wanted to work with me so why can't big shops offer to stock my products? Robin has worked with singer David Bowie in the film Labyrinth and has over 30 years Children's TV experience. See video below:

Sharon from Butterfly Lullaby

Singer song writter Jakson Lee Vs Othelio from Britian's Got Talent

Singer song writter Jakson Lee Vs Othelio from Britian's Got Talent

Well done Othelio getting through to Britian's Got Talent on pure entertainment value.

Would love to know what the public think and also find out how many other talented artists did not get through to these talent shows.

Singer Jakson Lee may not be your cup of tea, but you have to admit he has musical talent. He creates all his own music and a lot of the lyrics to his songs.

Here are some of his music videos:

Songs from Jakson Lee's album Bundle of Delight

Valentine song - Britian's Got Talent Jaskon Lee

Dance like a butterfly song from the Butterfly Lullaby fairy story book (Album Butterfly Lullaby:)

Fairy Wishing Well Song - from Butterfly Lullaby fairy story (Album Butterfly Lullaby:)

Colour me a fairies wish - Jakson Lee (Lyrics Sharon J. Bainbridge)

Jakson Lee singing the song Nessun Dorma (not his song) at the Enchanted Manor in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall and the Kirks Folly from America:

Jakson Lee singing Butterfly Kisses (not his song:)

Although I love watching Britian's Got Talent. I find watching the people that are just on there for entertainment and laughs rather sad, especially when Britian really does have some very talented artists who could do with the air play and deserve it!

Any talented artists that would like to network get in touch. We would love to hear from singer song writters, poets and artists.

Jakson Lee is now on Itunes and Amazon. Remember the spelling for Jakson Lee. Sadly he is being drowned out by an American MP even though the spelling for her name is Jakson with the 'c.' There is always something! But thank you Google for You Tube and it is a great free service for people who need a helping hand.

If you like Jakson Lee's music follow him on Twitter:

Song Mother - singer Jakson Lee (true story)


Mother Lyrics from my sister's poem (Louise M. Bainbridge)

Music and vocals: Jakson Lee

Lyrics to song Mother:

Mother you say
That I have changed
Mother I’m not the person
That I used to be
I have been easily influenced by others
Mother I’m a mirror
Do you not like what you see
Oh mother look deeply
Into my face and tell me it is not
Yourself you see

The lyrics to this beautiful song Mother are based on my sister's true story on how she has mirrored our Mother's illness. I miss her smile! I look back and remember when we used to laugh together and had happy days, before she married the awful alcoholic who destroyed her. She has been seriously ill for over 15 years now. She witnessed a lady trying to hang herself in hospital a few years back. The medication she has been on has all been trial and error. Some medication made her pace all day and all night and unable to keep still. She used to call me up from hospital wishing she could die as she did not want to go on. Thankfully she is now on medication that is drowning out the voices. The really sad thing is if she had never married her older husband she would never have had this awful breakdown which has bought up the past. She was far too young to marry him. If he is still alive "she wants a divorce!" And I don't blame her, he stopped me from seeing her for years. She goes by her maiden name and not her married name.

The pictures in the song video Mother are of us as children. She is my little sister who I adore and will stick up for till the end. No one knows what it is like for someone with this horrible illness unless you are close family and witness all the horrible things they go through.

Louise wants me to donate her side from this song to Cystic Fibrosis but I feel she deserves the money if there is any from sales. I have witnessed her go through hell and back. I would like her to use the money to get private counselling to get over the past as I know she can get better and she will beat this. And when she does she will be a great counsellor for others that suffer. It really makes me sad to hear people talk badly about her when they really have no idea what she has gone through. She is not like this through choice and she has really suffered, so give her a break and thank your lucky stars you don't have the same problem.

I love you little sis. My heart is always with you, be strong, you can beat this.

If there are any kind hearted people near Hastings, E.Sussex that would like to meet a really lovely, kind person that has a fantastic sense of humour please get in touch. My sister could do with some lovely kind friends. Together we can get her back to her old self.

And lastly I think the music to the song Mother is fantastic. I am so proud of my partner Jakson Lee it is a real masterpiece. Swansea Sound chose this song out of all his songs for the radio station. They gave my sister a mention which made her smile.

Song Enchanted Manor based on famous fairy artist Josephine Wall's painting The Dryad

Based on the Fairy Hotel The Enchanted Manor in the Isle of Wight and Fairy Artist Josephine Wall's Painting The Dryad

Lyrics: Sharon J. Bainbridge
Music/Vocals: Jakson Lee

Chorus for the Enchanted Manor song based on The Dryad painting:

Your voice is like an angel
Melts my heart strings
I’m like an oak tree so sturdy and tall
Your leaves caresses me with love ... care
You know my love I will always be there

I have been in contact with Maggie from the Enchanted Manor for over three years now. I met them by chance just by watching the Under the Hammer TV show. They had transformed the Windcliffe Manor Hotel in the Isle of Wight into a beautiful enchanting hotel called the Enchanted Manor. If you go to their website you will see a picture of me on the top left hand side and the Queen and King Butterfly from my fairy story Butterfly Lullaby.

Fairy artist Josephine Wall at the Enchanted Manor where she displays a lot of her original fairy art:

Under the Hammer TV show starring the fairy hotel the Enchanted Manor in the Isle of Wight, UK

The Enchanted Manor were my first fairy network. We have become very good friends and enjoy helping each other. Small businesses need all the help they can get that is why it is good to network. Give it a try and get in touch. Networking with other businesses should not cost you a penny, our business network is most certainly free!

Enchanted Manor Group on Facebook

Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy Children's Story - Cystic Fibrosis

Children's fairy audio story

Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy is a character I created for Jodie, my cousins little girl who suffers very badly from Cystic Fibrosis. The character was born from Jodie's favourite colours (colors,) pink and yellow and her love of bunny rabbits. Sunset Bunny is featured in my Butterfly Lullaby fairy tale book which is advertised on Amazon all over the world. Giving £1 per Butterfly Lullaby book sale to Cystic Fibrosis was not enough for me. I wanted to give more so that is why I created Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy, which is a lovely story about a fairy that changes herself into the Easter Bunny and delivers all the Easter Eggs to children all over the world. This story is purely for Cystic Fibrosis so all money my end will go to the charity.

You can listen to half of the Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy story on this video below:

Here is a little video about the ACEO's I created for the Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy story. They are available for sale purely for Cystic Fibrosis. Cheques made payable to the charity. Please contact me via Butterfly Lullaby. The address is on the Butterfly Lullaby website

I tried very hard to get the Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy story on Itunes and Amazon this year but sadly it was not meant to be. So I will try again next year in time for Easter. At least we have the song Jodie fight to breathe, which will hopefully raise much needed money for Cystic Fibrosis.

I am looking for someone very, very rich to buy the OOAK Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy dress. The dress is aged between 3-5 years. Hand painted and hand made by myself Sharon J. Bainbridge. A total one off with no patterns. You can see the Sunset Bunny character dancing to Butterfly Lullaby at the book launch wearing this costume. I really want to try and get Jodie to Disney, any help would be so appreciated. If I had the money I would pay for her myself.

Here is Jodie's little note to me when I sent her the Butterfly Lullaby book:

Please spread the word. And if there is a publisher out there happy to help publish the Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy story please get in touch. All money my end will go to the charity, but I do not expect a publisher to do the same due to the expenses involved.

As in my book Butterfly Lullaby, fairy snorkels Sharon x

Trapped in the City from 9 till 5 - painting by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Painting title: Trapped in the City from 9 till 5
Artist: Sharon J. Bainbridge

I created this painting called Trapped in the City approximately 21 years ago. At the time I was working in London. I used to commute into London from Kent, working long hours and getting home late for a very small wage. I expect most people go through the same problem. My painting comes with a poem:

Trapped in the City
From 9 till 5
Nothing or no one
Really seems alive
All acting like robots
With no means to survive
Not even the pay
Brings a glint to our eyes
Trapped in a world Of high taxes
And low payIs it any wonder
We long for another day

I have always longed, like most people to do something creative for a living rather than the norm. The painting shows me wanting to break free from secretarial work to be an artist. My friends convinced me to leave my first secretarial job and I got a much better paid salary, with pay increases and much better benefits. Even though I suffer from dyslexia, I worked extremely hard and managed to work my way up from receptionist to MD’s secretary. And the top perk was having my own office in the Gilbert House in Harrington Gardens. Gilbert & Sullivan are very well known. The building is simply stunning. Derek my ex boss has all the old pictures for the house when Gilbert owned the house. I really enjoyed working for the architects it was fun and I achieved a great deal. I believe my painting is very relevant to most people where we struggle just to pay the bills with nothing to show for our hard work at the end of it. But we have to keep trying to reach for the stars as life is far too short to waste it wondering what if!

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