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Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pink fairy house, fairy door and windows in the OOAK Butterfly Lullaby Garden

I just found a picture I took of the OOAK pink fairy house I decorated a few years ago. All you need is a bird house and a bit of dazzle, sparkle and imagination. Just paint the old bird house and add anything you can get your hands on which will make it stand out "as you need to attract those fairies." This is really ideal for indoors so the fairies can take shelter on a rainy night.

The other picture I found is one I took of a fairy door and two fairy windows, which used to be advertised in my Butterfly Lullaby shop. I still have a fairy door and window in this style, which looks amazing on the apple tree. I adore this picture as little mushrooms appeared from nowhere which added that special bit of fairy magic. I even handmade the little fairy ladder out of clothes pegs.

Here is a video I created a while ago on how to make a fairy flower spoon. Cheaper than Fimo. All you need is a salt dough mix and food colouring.

I hope to be able to use the bottom of the wild garden next year and create our very own fairy garden. It has been full of blackberry bushes and Japanese Knotweed, which apparently you can eat? The apple tree was full of blossom and I did take a beautiful picture of the wooden tree swing underneath, but who knows what happened to it.

Butterfly Lullaby fairies I see, Butterfly Lullaby dreams come to me! I think after 11 years of bad luck it is time for a change!, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

Sunday, 1 May 2011

View of the sea - I used to swim in Murrays Bay "how I miss New Zealand!"

Last night I dug out some old pictures of Murrays Bay New Zealand. The house and view of the sea is something I have always dreamed of, but I threw it all away!

As I look at my photographs of Murrays Bay I can visualise myself swimming in the open sea and breathing in the beautiful surroundings, like I used to all those years ago. Waking up in the beautiful cliff top house and walking through the gardens onto the footpath with the sea breeze whispering "come swim with me."

I have led quite a colourful life and feel very lucky that I got the chance to travel before becoming a Mummy. Yesterday I sat in the garden and talked to my very dear friend who has just got back from holiday. She really wanted me to go with her so the kids could laugh and play in the sun. But the reality is I made a choice when I became a Mummy and that was to put my child first and not to let money get in the way, only problem with that is that we both have to go without certain luxury's such as a holiday in the sun as earning a living from home has been made impossible. It's a blessing that the Welsh beaches resemble the beauty of the New Zealand coastline. If only we lived in walking distance of Caswell Bay, the beach that reminds me so much of Murrays Bay in NZ.

Looking back on my life I could have had it all. The cliff top house behind the one in the picture with balconies surrounding the whole house overlooking Rangitoto Island. I remember sitting in the finished house which my boyfriends parents had built behind theirs and looking out at the beautiful sea. Imagining my art room with the desk by the window and smelling the sea breeze, with the blissful crickets singing in the background. There is only one world to describe that feeling "Heaven, with a capital H."

My boyfriend and I had a lovely flat in Wimbledon. The picture of me below in pale lime green dress is one I picked up from one of the boutique's in Wimbledon Village, the same shop where I purchased my red dress the one I wore to my book launch years later. There I am standing in front of my boyfriends parents amazing house all set to go to my friends New Zealand wedding. The story of how I met my boyfriend and how it ended is quite an interesting one! Like the shark in my previous blog I let him go back into the water to find his real true love. I was merely his best friend, his pal, his best mate. But he respected me as a human being and treated me as equal.

The moral to this story is, yes I miss New Zealand and the dream of a happy life with no stress or worries. But I would never have achieved all I have if my life if it was not so stressful. It has made me work harder and made me realise that I am the only one that can change my life and I can never give up. And to be a success you need to stand on your own two feet and fight and ignore the bullies. I am just going to focus on the happy comments from well wishers. And I need to keep reminding myself of just how much I have achieved on my own. And how I manage to fluke things and make them reality. The biggest thing I have achieved in my life is the fact that I love myself for who I am now, not what people want me to be. So what if I have a fat belly, at least I don't spend my whole day moaning about my weight and wanting to be something I'm not. And it is bigger now after having a child, ha ha.

For all those people struggling in the world, keep dreaming! Don't give up. Ignore the bullies. I am told all the time you have to spend money to earn money. Lets see if I can prove them wrong! I hope to give a ray of light for all the working class people in this world that work so hard through their whole life and having nothing to show for it. Everyone that works deserves a decent, happy, stress free life. This lifestyle should not be just for the rich!

Well it is Sunday, which is meant to be family day, so I must leave my blog and spend the day with my wonderful child. The one that healed my broken heart, the one that made me realise love is the most important thing and how very lucky I am to be a Mummy and to have a child that adores me! fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's Mummys)

3ft shark - I just said I want to catch myself a shark and I did!

In my 20's I had no fear, I remember everyone fishing for snapper and I wanted to catch myself a shark. In less than 10 minutes of throwing the rod into the water, I felt a big huge tug. I knew then this was no snapper and my hopes came to reality when my boyfriend helped me reel in the 3ft shark. Ok I was hoping for a bigger shark, but when that shark fell onto the deck and tried to bite my toes I was quite relieved when the baby shark was helped overboard. But this begs the question is the mind more powerful than we give it credit for or was this just a fluke? I was so determined to catch a shark and I just had this feeling that I knew I would if I just focused. Can I achieve my goals without help and money? The answer is I did not re-mortgage my hard earned cash for nothing, my child deserves a bright and happy future. And why should we suffer, it is time the sharks paid up!

Looking through old photographs I really miss New Zealand. The beaches are very much like Welsh beaches, beautiful and unspoilt. The New Zealand outdoor lifestyle is just a dream. I used to wake up early and walk down to the beach and go for a swim in the sea. I would only go up to my belly in water as I did not fancy swimming with the sharks! I can still visualise looking over the water onto Rangitoto Island and watching the sun come up. The peacefulness and beauty that surrounded me is something I will treasure and hopefully one day share with my child.

I am typing this blog in the garden and listening to the birds singing their tuneful song. I am trying to listen for the crickets but our crickets do not make the sound they do in New Zealand. They out sing the birds. My last holiday abroad was about 12 years ago when I went to my friends New Zealand wedding, she happened to be my boyfriend's sister. Long story! My one regret is that I was too young to appreciate the beauty of this amazing Country. Instead of looking for the next pub I wished I had photographed more of the beautiful landscape.

This morning someone left me the most amazing comment, I feel quite chocked just reading it again. It is something I would like to share with you, because the person that left me this message has saved me from the sharks. I need to focus on the good things and this is one of them:

Quote from a reader:
Lots of excellent reading here, many thanks! I had been researching on yahoo when I identified your submit, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to far more from you.

To all the kind people that have left me positive comments on my Butterfly Lullaby blog I thank you with all my heart! Thanks to you I will keep dreaming and keep blogging!

I listened to the song below "I love your smile" when I lived rough in a New Zealand painting pots and selling them in the local market to just pay my rent. I am sure my boyfriends parents would have had a fit if they knew I was sleeping in an empty warehouse on my own with just a radio, sleeping bag and pots to paint. But when you are in your 20's that sort of thing just does not bother you! And hey I got to live the high life too and that holiday romance lasted all of eight years. He was the fish I threw back in the water, but I have many happy memories of our wonderful friendship and a man that respected me as a human being, an equal and I was not just as a women I was his best friend! fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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