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Sunday 10 August 2014

Rainbow Zebra Build a Bear

Melody, my daughter, saved up her pocket money to buy the above Zebra Build a Bear. We drove down to Cardiff yesterday to take her to the nearest Build a bear shop. How disappointed she was when we found out that the Rainbow Zebra was not stocked in their store and was only offered on their website. She ended up having to buy a dog build a bear, and will have to save up again to get the bear she really wanted. So for any parents that view the Build a bear website, make sure you contact the store first, as you could end up with a very disappointed child. I was very proud of Melody's Daddy for taking us to the Build a bear shop, as he gets bored easily! We must have spent 45 minutes in the shop. She could not make up her mind what bear she wanted, because her little dream had been shattered.


My cousin sent Melody this lovely bunny build a bear for Christmas, approximately four years ago. Build a bear clothes are expensive. I recycle old clothes and make new ones for Melody's Build a bear. Here are some I created for her.

I made this swim suit out of Melody's old swimming costume.

Melody said to me "Mummy you inspire me to create!" She is now making her own Build a bear clothes out of her old tops and dresses. I am so proud of her. There are so many talented children who deserve to shine in safety. My daughter really wants to create more fun art and craft tutorials, but we both want her to be in an environment that is child and family friendly!

My little girl had her own radio show. The way the radio owner treated us is a total disgrace. Some men need to change. Little boys need to be taught to respect little girls and women from a young age, otherwise they grow up to be complete and utter bullies with no values or morals!

 I wish I could share all the photographs of her new Build a bear creations, but my laptop is not working at the moment. I use a very old computer for blogging, which would never cope with Photoshop. Here is one outfit Melody made from my old nightdress before the laptop conked out! So cute! She did not use a pattern! I was amazed that she created the whole thing from scratch.

The Toothless costume is really sweet! Melody purchased this from the Build a bear website for £8.

Here is Fluffy Woo. Melody's real life Build a bear.

Fluffy Woo is named after Cindy Woo, who sadly went missing recently. Daddy is such a soft touch he thought getting another rabbit would help to forget, but children never forget! She still misses Cindy Woo as she was her first real pet and had a special bond with her. Coco Boo misses Cindy Woo too! It took us five months to bond the rabbits, such a shame Cindy did not come back. My neighbour mentioned that he saw a fox in our garden twice. I dread to think what happened to that poor wee bunny.


The dog build a bear Melody ended up getting, looks a little bit like the Blue Nose Dog. Except she is white and black in colour. Here is one of Melody's old drawing tutorials. 

I think the Panda Bear would make a lovely Build a bear!


When I see a problem, I question "How can we fix it?" We can fix anything if we try. That includes creating camcorders that last, ha ha! But then they would not make as much money out of us, would they! The problem we currently have is the lack of team players, people who really care about children and women and want to protect them. As mothers, fathers and grandparents we need to think of all children and what sort of future are they going to have if we do not debate important issues, which are destroying children and family life. So here is my solution. I would like to see fathers turning into real heroes and fighting for their little girls to have a better future. Imagine how proud we could all be if fathers started fighting against things that are destroying family life. And if mothers did the same because children need heroines too! On the following blog I talk about a website, which will protect children and save family life. All we need is a team!

If you could be a Superhero, what would you do? I think I need to add stop bullying to my Super Mummy Poster! I need a team of people with the same morals and values to make sure our children have a brighter and happier future. Email Sharon:



Thanks to I have managed to help improve my daughters health by cutting out fluoride. Fluoride made Melody, my daughter, ill.  Fluoride is bad for asthma! Whenever she brushed her teeth it stressed her out because she could not stop coughing up huge amounts of phlegm. In Wales our drinking water is not fluoridated. I called Welsh Water to double check and they told me although the water is not fluoridated at the moment, they are trying to add fluoride to it. I said "They can't do that, because it is a poison!" The lady on the other end of the phone replied "I KNOW!"  Growing pains, similar to what Melody had are related to Fluoride! The fact is you do not have to listen to me. Just do your research. Our kids need their parents to have an open and free mind because their future depends on us! And whatever you do, do not let the dentist coat your child's teeth with fluoride varnish, this is extremely toxic. I am fuming that a temp dentist put this muck on my little girls teeth. The girl against fluoride is taking the Irish Government to court to stop them putting poison in their water. We need to protect our children and help her win!



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