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Saturday, 27 November 2010

How to write the word Snowflake the arty way by little child artist Snowflake - big letter to Jagger and Woody from Real Radio

Here you can see little child artist Snowflake writing the word Snowflake the arty way. She has even drawn Cindy Woo (pet bunny rabbit) writing the letter L. The handwritten letters have candles attached and I think the big letter is just beautiful and should be entered into the Guinness Book of Records when finished.

We may take Snowflakes letter by hand to Real Radio to give to Jagger and Woody as with my luck it will probably go missing in the post as did my Butterfly Lullaby book when I sent it recorded delivery to This Morning TV Show over three years ago. Snowflakes letter starts with: Dear Jagger and Woody, Mummy listens to your show every morning. My art name is Snowflake...

We hope that Jagger and Woody from Real Radio will record my short children's story called Aled and the Black Voice River to raise money for the local Welsh School Canteen. I created this story when I helped clean out the local Bont River approx three years ago. Going from a damp house to a damp work place is getting me down. The canteen needs to be rid of the damp and brightened up with all the children's art work. Any help would be so appreciated.

This Thursday we dressed as Pirates to Promote School Dinners. The food was amazing, I love the curry and so do the kids. I was so disappointed to hear that Johnny Depp has visited some English Schools in the UK, but we had missed the boat, as it would have meant the world to see him at our school, especially as the canteen really needs help. We have condensation falling on our head as their is no heating in the kitchen area. And the floor gets flooded when it rains. There is heating in the canteen area for the children. We are going to freeze this winter, especially with the snow! At least the Evening Post turned up and took our pictures. I will have to get hold of a copy for my blog. Jammie Oliver and Johnny Depp would be impressed with the amount of young reception children that eat vegetables! We are told there is no money to sort out the damp problem in the kitchen area so we need a miracle!  fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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