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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Literary agent email submission

I was the original Monster High of the 80's

My name is Sharon J. Bainbridge and I would describe myself as a jinxed butterfly trapped in a vampire's hell, fluttering from one creative idea to another. Am I current, HECK YES, just look at me when I was 19 years old "I was the original Monster High!" 

And here I am as Lagoona Blue. As you can see I have a great imagination, where even a black bin liner becomes an amazing fancy dress costume.

I never give up and I never given in, no mater what trash is sent my way! Change is possible if you only believe. How many women do you know say "I am going to catch me a shark and actually do?"

As a Mother I fight for change so my daughter can grow up in a world that respects her as a human being. Where Mothers can work from home so they can be with their children. Sadly too many people believe that we have to put up and shut up, so our children do not get the support they deserve.

My little girl made mothers cry when she sang Heal the World in school this month. She is now singing a solo at the Grand in Swansea in June 2012. Her art work should be in a gallery!

The butterfly is a symbol of change. Like my story Butterfly Lullaby transforming from a Vampire Bat ...

into a beautiful butterfly.

Here is part of the story from Butterfly Lullaby where Feathers the fairy throws a penny into the wishing well and chants "wishing well, wishing well, take me there, take me to places without any care." (Upwey Wishing Well, Weymouth Dorset, UK.)

Colour me a fairies wish is the short version of Butterfly Lullaby, but with a twist. Read by Robin Stevens from Rosie and Jim TV. Full version of this story with him holding my fairy puppet available! (All songs are now off I Tunes.)

Personalised fairy puppet to go with the story Colour me a fairies wish.

Sunset Bunny is a character in Butterfly Lullaby. Here is a story I created for Jodie who has
Cystic Fibrosis called Sunset Bunny the Easter Fairy:

Sparkles the ladybird fairy is another character from my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby. And here is
her own unique fairies tale (Feathers has her own story too) ...

Meet some of my little girls Fresh Pack characters I made out of plastic. Clever Daddy created the music.

My little girl cried "why will no one help me!" The house makes her ill with chest infections/asthma, I was seriously miss sold! The Internet has miss sold me too! Hopefully one day we will  have true old fashioned family values where Mothers and Children get the full respect and support they deserve!

The poem Plastic God is just a plea to ask people to open their hearts and stop waiting for God to change things. We can achieve so many things in life if only we try. Teamwork is everything! I never knew how religious my Nan was until she died. I admire her so much for the way she helped others and even got in serious debt to do so. There are so many wonderful religious people and non church people, but I believe we can do far more if we all tried to help each other as a team, all children deserve a decent life! And Nan never blamed God for anything that went wrong in her life. What a wonderful person she was!

But thanks to Google I have found some of the missing puzzles that haunt my family tree. The journey is still long, but one I hope to solve. So proud to have found my Great Grandfather on Madisons family tree. She is competing for the London Paralympics. What a find! The blood that runs through our veins is strong. She proves that anything is possible if you only believe!

Struggling Mothers will be a team one day. I will make sure of that!

Don't you just love old mixed with new. Here is my old English Bradbury sewing machine. Echo-friendly! With my very interesting and mysterious family history. Most English people view Scotland, Wales and England as one Country, a team. Our children need this team to work for them!

Well done to my little girl who has had over 33,000 hits on how to draw the flower
alien design. We have even created a story based on her cute character.

Trapped in the City is the first real painting I ever did in my 20's. I was fed up then with the low wages and high costs of living, and sadly things have not changed!

I would not call myself an author, merely a storyteller with wings and an artistic eye! Save the butterfly and we help create a kinder more visual world for all our children.

I was totally brainwashed in a society that taught me I was nothing. Merely an object that was degraded by man. Believing the only way to find love was to not be myself, but to wear a mask of make-up!
Thankfully I woke up.

Life is a learning curve. And what it has taught me is that things must change so my little girl and others will grow up and feel loved for who they are as human beings.

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