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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Monster High dolls house cheap to make box house

If you are looking to make a cheap dolls house for your Monster High dolls look no further. Here is just one of the rooms I have made out of an old cardboard box. The Monster High Lounge or front room as we call it in the UK.


See the sofa lounger below I wish I could have this in our front room, I saw this on the Internet and both my little girl and I fell in love with it. So as we can't have the real thing I decided to make it for my little girls dolls house instead. What do you think of my dolls costume for Draculaura?

Here is the original purple sofa lounger we saw on the Internet. I just love the style it is so arty! This sofa is on my wish list! But I want two of them as they are just so stylish and go with my colourful personality.

Below you will see I used tin foil to decorate the box dolls house. My friend does mosaic and both my little girl and I love her ideas. So Mummy decided to use a mosaic style for the dolls house. Of course I did not use real tiles. Can you guess what I used instead?

The fish sofa I made based on Lagoona Blue doll from Monster High. Amazing what you can make out of cardboard and an old dress!

If you like my little girls dolls house why don't you  have a go at creating one of your own. Little Snowflake designed the dolls house windows. I wonder, should I do a tutorial on how to make this dolls house? As we speak my little girl and her friend are finishing off the garden patio I started yesterday. Mosaic away girls!

Before I go I want to share Ginger's cardboard box Monster High Dolls house which she made from scratch out of plain old boxes. One very talented lady. And I just want to cry as it took me days just to make one little lounge, ha ha. When I am rich I will have to get her to make my little girl the real deal.

Here is Gingers blog, check her out as she is a star!

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