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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Bumblebee face painting tutorial

Bumblebee face painting tutorial, wow! This weekend I was sent pictures by a mother who used my Bumblebee face painting tutorial to turn her little girl into a gorgeous bumblebee. I think you have to admit she did an amazing job. And I am feeling really proud that this Mom sent me these lovely photos to share on my blog.

This is my original bumblebee fairy face painting tutorial! There are three videos. You can find the full tutorial on this link:

Thank you so much to the Mummy who let me share the above photographs of her lovely daughter dressed as a beautiful bumblebee fairy. You made my weekend by sending me your amazing photographs and I can tell you are both very arty too! Hopefully one day mothers around the world will get together to create a special family website that is child friendly so our children can really shine away from bullying grown ups!

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