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Saturday 26 March 2011

Child safety online games with chat and messaging - just take the keyboard away then they can't chat!

Child safety online games with chat and messaging. You would think that a business offering a children's online game service would give parents peace of mind and give them the option to block chat and messaging for child safety. Especially as they have the money to make it safe online for kids.

But have no fear parents I came up with the ideal solution last night, you just take the keyboard away from them. They can still play the games, learn and have fun, but they cannot answer messages like what school do you come from etc, as lets face it the characters may look all cute and fuzzy but like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  
they can have a nasty bite. You need to also drum into your child's head how important it is not to tell lies, because some people who deal with children are of the opinion that all children tell lies and that is how a child can fall victim of  bullying or even worse.

Last night I deleted 6 friends and 7 applying to be friends from my child's online game. I had emailed the site and asked how do I switch off the messaging and chat, and was told this is not possible, and parents are expected to take full responsibility for their children on line. Of course we all sit and play the online learning games with them for a while, but as a parent we have a lot of jobs to do ourselves too, Mum's have to work as well as look after the kids and do all the housework and cooking (not to mention fighting for justice.) Well I do anyway! I know for a fact that my partner has a lot more free time than I do on his little X Box which bugs the hec out of me. How can a grown man play such a silly game. Teach your child to play the piano do something constructive! Anyway, for me anyone creating an online game and has the money to put in place top security should do so to give parents peace of mind, which they are entitled to!  But now that does not mater as the keyboard has gone, te he so no messaging for you sweetie pie, don't care how fluffy and cute they look they are not your friends!

Children are the best marketing solution you can have. They just go into school and talk about their favourite toy or online game and then you have them all following like little lambs to the .......... You can guess what word I used their. Sadly this is the case. Before I had my online business I was totally oblivious to what sort of dangers the Internet held, if I knew what I know now I would never have published my fairy book or paid for a website, I would have found a publisher. Problem is when you are giving to charity through book sales that is not easy! But for now I just have to make do with a bad situation and just hope that my meeting with our local MP in May will shine some hope on this seriously and dangerous problem, and if I have my way move all the disgusting sites to another Internet service far, far away from children and Mummy's and Daddy's. And if they come back to visit we can fine them and the hosting site and ban them from the Internet forever! Well I am most certainly due a huge lump sum from all the upset and problems they have thrown my way, and loss of earnings over four years.

In the Cyber Bullying video below you will not believe what some disgusting person or group of people wrote about the fairy child in a fairy story. It is really heartbreaking! And how some jealous people react when a clever little artist gets over 12,000 hits on a drawing of a flower alien she had created. They said bad parenting showing a child drawing on You Tube. This video did not show her face and did not give her name. It was just an innocent art tutorial of a child showing other children how to use the Nintendo DS and create a gorgeous little Flower Alien picture she designed herself. And please what has her accent got to do with anything "I cannot stand racist people!" They want to scare us so they can take over the Internet like bullies try to control the world. This video only gives some of the problems, there have been many, many more!

Thanks to these disgusting people my poor little girl has to live in a 84% damp house, because they have stopped Mummy trading. Mummy is now mopping floors so she can be with her child, which lets face it does not pay the bills and with a man like mine I need to be independent to give my child the life she deserves. But on the up side I have met some wonderful kind people through our school and I feel extremely honoured to have been asked to help create magical pieces of art with the children for the very run down school canteen. Giving my time for free is something I can do and it makes me happy to know it is for such a well worth cause just to see the kids faces sparkle and shine. Bless them they never used to give me a smile, but now nearly every one smiles and says please and thank you - now that is something to be proud of! The poor parents have had to get together as usual to pay for the paint to revamp the old school canteen, then we will start with the art. How exciting! I know my little girl will love getting involved as art is her favourite subject. Less money spent on criminals and more spent on victims please and schools. I have family that have had their life turned upside down from bad people when they were children. But they would never dream of repeating this awful act, which just shows you how selfish some people are that give that as an excuse to be bad! And how wrong statistics are, they don't have a record of victims who actually go on to be great parents and take keeping their child safe more seriously than those that have not experienced bad things, sometimes I wonder if they watch the news as those rose tinted glasses seem to be firmly stuck on with a cherry on top.

Facebook - seriously there is no way on this earth my child is ever going on Facebook, I don't care if all her friends are on their, one day she will thank me. From uploading the Cyber Bullying video I have met a wonderful lady who does arts and crafts and has had problems with Cyber Bullying too. She said to me she thought she was the only one! But her friend also has had an awful ordeal with what was a fantastic little home business providing for her family turned into a real nightmare. Thankfully children came before money and she warned all the parents about all the dangers she was experiencing. This was all done through Facebook. Reading that I think Little Snowflake is going to have a little break from the Internet. Even though she does wear a mask and her identity is protected. I am probably the only parent in my child's school who will not allow my child to be photographed in her school uniform, put on their website or in the paper.

Don't get me wrong Facebook is a brilliant place for adults, and familes to stay in touch. But for children, no way! If you have had problems with Cyber Bullying where it has effected yours and your child's life. Send me a message on Facebook, you don't have to add me as a friend and I will take the list of complaints to my MP when I see him in May. I don't keep any of my child's pictures on my Facebook account and from now on until something gets sorted I am not going to be uploading anymore videos or art by Little Snowflake until the Government take serious action and make our Internet safe for families. You can even send me a letter c/o Butterfly Lullaby, the address is on my Butterfly Lullaby website.

Warning to all parents. I called Trading Standards yesterday and made a serious complaint. Did you know that any disgusting site that is not child friendly can use your child's image on their website if it is not under copyright or Trademarked, and there is nothing you can do about it! Seriously how disgusting is that.  Even if you copyright or Trademark your images and try to take them to court you are not entitled to any help financially if you own your own house, but are struggling financially now on a low salary, while the top bosses have two properties. Makes you giggle doesn't it, not!

Good luck with unplugging the keyboard for the online computer games for your child. At least we can make their experience online safe! And for me as a Mum. My little girl is going to create her own little cartoon character so she can still show her art online. After all, all these bullies want to do is stop you having fun.

P.S. If you still insist on putting your child online get them to wear a fun mask that they can make themselves and protect their identity. Change their name, don't give details of their school etc. I will upload a mask template for you. Have fun, stay safe, Children are our future so lets all protect them., fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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