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Friday 12 August 2011

Holly blue butterfly mask - Sylvanian families bling costume

Yesterday my little girl asked me "Mummy, can I please have some material." The little costumes she created were so cute I had to show them off. She calls them the Bling, Bings who are off saving our butterflies. Here is one of the Bling, Blings wearing a very cute black outfit with stars. I adore the little hat and the purple belt.

I made the Holly blue butterfly mask. This is one of the butterflies from our school butterfly meadow.

If you want to attract butterflies to your garden make sure you have food for the caterpillars and butterflies. Our local school has brambles and holly for the butterflies and holly and ivy for the caterpillars. If you love butterflies and want to support us by saving our school butterfly meadow please join the Facebook group called Help save Pontarddulais Primary School Field, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

Wednesday 10 August 2011

Orlando Bloom saves UK butterflies for our children - will he help save our school butterfly meadow?

Orlando Bloom (Hollywood star) has recently become a father. He believes, like I do, that children should learn about butterflies and not be frightened of insects. He is correct a lot of children are frightened of insects because of their parents. Especially our lovely little bumble bees that needs our help too. He has sponsored Crystal, the Small Miracle, a children's book about butterflies. What better way to learn about butterflies than at school by breeding them, studying them and letting them free on school butterfly meadows, like ours! Good for our children and environment. 

The two school children above are happily looking at two butterflies sitting on their school butterfly meadow. I have applied butterfly masks to protect their identity. Below the two children chase the butterflies, what a beautiful and happy sight!

A school butterfly meadow to be proud of! Full of rare butterflies and butterfly cocoons. So why are they selling it? And why is there no help to save it from the people who are meant to love butterflies? 

Here are just a few butterflies and a butterfly cocoon photographed on the school butterfly meadow. I believe I named the large skipper incorrectly. It looks like a Lulworth skipper (rare butterfly.)

Here is the butterfly cocoon. Anyone know what butterfly this is? And is the white butterfly named correctly? It looks different to the Green-veined white butterfly in the garden magazine!

I am disappointed with the Butterfly Conservation and Marks and Spencers for their lack of support in saving our school butterfly meadow! But then this is exactly how some rich people behave. I bet if I was someone rich or famous it would be a different story! But at least fairy artist Josephine Wall knows how important our butterfly meadow is and has sent us her well wishes. She really does love butterflies!

Good children get nothing! Naughty kids get a taxi to school, free dinners and free days out.  Children that behave in our society get their school butterfly meadow and sports field taken away from them. The problem with our World is that a lot of rich people that I have met care about one thing, and that is money! They brag about their £1000 or $1,000 bottle of wine and then in the next breath they don't want to give someone on a low salary a decent wage or pay them properly for something they have made. I could tell you some true stories about some rich people that will shock you! Our good children don't stand a chance in our world today! They are made to grow up too quickly. It is study, study from the day they are in the womb. When do they get to play? Here is my little not for profit story about our school butterfly meadow! With pictures of our butterflies!

My little girl loves to draw, hates to read and finds school work hard! School is a competition, if you are not good at something then you can get made fun of. Like she has sadly experienced in the past! This is why we need school sports fields and butterfly meadows. Children that struggle with school work need something positive in their life to make them feel good about themselves. The sports field and arts and crafts are very important in any school! This will stop them loosing their way and getting in trouble! And if only the UK Businesses paid decent wages to keep up with the cost of living, maybe then we would see a change in our society. There are people that put up and shut up on low salaries and people that just refuse to work. I would like to see a fair society that gives the less fortunate hope and makes those who cause problems pay with community service or prison. I know people that have been through the mills, but have still come out the other side as a good law abiding citizen so there are no excuses for bad behaviour! And I may be dyslexic but that does not mean I have no talents. I got to MD's secretary through sheer hard work and determination. Now all the qualifications have come in, it has put me out of work in that field, because courses costs money! As far as I am concerned our world is run by people who simply have no idea what it is like to struggle financially. The stress involved and the sheer frustration of having doors slammed in your face. Some wealthy people love the control they have and sleep well at night not caring if their staff struggle to survive on the low salaries they pay!   While they swan around with their millions and billions. Our children need hope, change and to learn that being naughty does not pay! And does not get you heard! Riots destroy our Country and effect the poor, hard working person not the rich person. The riots need to stop as it will destroy our economy all together.

Here are some of the school children having lots of fun in the school butterfly meadow after school. Important don't you think seeing as they don't get the freedom we used to when we were kids. Children need fun in life.

This is my little girl drawing a bumblebee on her wellington boots. I have taught her how to make a bumblebee house and we have gone to the garden centre to learn about all the different plants we need in our garden to attract bumblebees and butterflies. Our schools are the perfect place for butterfly meadows because they have no harmful pesticides that kill nature! As for my business that is not trading, lack of support there too!

Please support us and join our group on Facebook called Help save Pontarddulais Primary School field

The photo of the little bumble bee is one I saved with watered down honey. I got stung as a child by trying to save my sister. Instead of saving her I got stung and the poor bumble bee died. So I try and save them if I can to make up for that one that died when I was a little girl.

Here is the story on Orlando Bloom and why he loves butterflies. I wonder what he will think about our butterfly meadow being sold off and the lack of support we are getting?, fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

Sunday 7 August 2011

Josephine Wall message wishing us luck saving our school butterfly meadow

Here is a beautiful Butterfly Goddess card Josephine Wall sent me (Peacock butterfly.) Her message wishes us luck with saving the school butterfly meadow. As you will no doubt be aware she loves butterflies too, which shows in her amazing fairy art!

Below you can read the message Josephine Wall sent me, I hope it brings us lots of fairy luck to save our butterflies and school butterfly meadow:

Dear Sharon
At the moment unfortunately there is no card of 'Up and away' so I am sending you another butterfly card instead (the butterfly Goddess is my sister!) As you know I love butterflies so of course I hope your butterfly meadow will be saved for future generations. Good luck with your endeavour. Bob and I send love to all of you and especially your little girl. Light and peace from Josephine

It means so much that Josephine Wall  has taken time out of her very busy schedule to send us this lovely card, which shows that she really does love and appreciate our butterflies with her very special message. If only we had the same sort of compassion and dedication from the other people I have contacted! It is not just the butterfly meadow we wish to save but the school sports field too for our children, which in reality is not a lot to ask considering it would benefit two schools.

If you would like to save our butterflies and butterfly meadow please join the Facebook Group: Help save Pontarddulais Primary school field

Maybe you could send a letter to the Council for us. Both addresses are on the Facebook Group.

Before I go, if you are a fairy fan and have not yet seen some of Josephine Wall's art work you must visit her website. She is based in Dorset, so you have a good chance of seeing her in her shop on a Wednesday or Saturday. Also a lot of her work is on show at the Enchanted Manor in the Isle of Wight.

Fairy and fantasy artist Josephine Wall UK  fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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