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Saturday, 7 January 2017


American people have so much love in their hearts. Unlike the UK, where most problems are swept, very carefully, under the carpet! American's stand proud, talk and solve issues. That is why I love them! We do have UK Activists. But we need, Donald Trump, to make the UK great again. And protect it!

Donald Trump is a Hero. I believe he is capable of great things, and will change our world for the better ...

Living in Wales has been very difficult for my daughter, partner and I. Although we have kind neighbours. We don't belong here. And need to get back to England. It has been a learning curve living here, as I have never experience so many problems in my life. We miss our family and friends so very much. 


Melody has had so many wonderful people support her. I wish she could get sponsorship to enter America's Got Talent. Because I know the American People will love her! And give her the help and support she needs to see she is not worthless! Even if she does just one song, because she struggles to remember the words (dyslexia.) I know it will give her the confidence she needs. American, Film Director, Tom Seidman, kindly sent me a link to Britian's Got Talent for Melody to enter with this song, "You Lost Me!" She had lost her confidence and did not want to sing anymore. But he made her believe in herself, which is why she recorded this song. I don't feel we will get the support here in the UK for Melody, but I hope to be proved wrong.

There are some British People that really support Melody. One Home Ed Dad gave Melody a Microphone to help her record her voice better. I was totally overwhelmed by his kindness. He is far from well off. Some of the kindest people in the world have nothing to give. But try anyway!

I have a few friends and family that support Melody's singing. One friend said, "If Melody does not win Britain's Got Talent, then the show is fixed!" LOL, she is truly a wonderful friend to have. It is sad that we live so far away, as her son is Melody's Best Friend!

Another wonderful American, Rachel Renee Russell, Dork Diaries author, has been a real rock for Melody. When she could hardly read in school, and suffered bullying, I had no choice but to take her out and Home Educate. Being able to read the books she enjoyed, Rachel's books helped Melody to love reading. She now has her own little Library in her bedroom.

Both Tom Seidman, and Daily Mirror artist, Huw-J have been so very kind. They are helping Melody find homes for her Bunny Rabbits by offering something in return. Tom has given us his beautiful Christmas Bunny Film. And Huw-J is going to offer an A3 sketch. I find it truly inspiring that they support children this way.

I really hope we get some help with advertising the Bunnies, and find them amazing new homes. Melody really wants a pet she is not allergic to. I.e a rescue dog. Dogs are loyal, and I feel this is the friend that will love and protect her. Just what she needs! Fingers crossed her birthday wish comes true.

Someone told me "Life is a learning Curve!" If bad things don't happen in your life, you cannot learn from them, and feel compassion for others. I hope one day that I do more than just give the homeless change from my pocket. All children and families deserve happiness. I am so excited to see America get back on it's feet, and encourage the rest of the world to do the same!


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