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Monday, 31 May 2010

Fairy party the unique Butterfly Lullaby children's fairy party package which you could win

You have not had a real fairy party until you have tried the Butterfly Lullaby children's fairy party. This fairy party is so unique and magical you will not want anything else for your child's special birthday. And the fairy party can meet your budget with the different packages available.

See the fairy party video to have a chance of winning this fairy party for your child. Party packages coming soon. Contact Sharon at orders@butterflylullaby.co.uk for details.

"We do believe in the Butterfly Lullaby fairies we do, we do."

Butterfly Lullaby is not just a fairy book, it has real fairies in it and these fairies can join your child's birthday party! Imagine when they go back to school and show all their friends the picture they had taken with the Butterfly Lullaby Fairies. Subscribe to me, Sharon J. Bainbridge under Butterfly Lullaby Ltd on You Tube:


To win the fairy party all you have to do is create a recipe for the fairy drink from the Butterfly Lullaby story called a hot/cold cup of fairy frost and subscribe to me on You Tube. See above link.

See my other blogs on how to create a fairy portrait using real butterfly wings. My little flower fairy is gorgeous with her matching butterfly wings.

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