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Monday, 31 May 2010

A Mother's love - I wrote this song for my lovely Mum who I adore and admire

I wrote the lyrics to A Mother's Love for my wonderful Mum (Mom.) My Mum (Mom) is not like other Mum's (Mom's) because she suffers from a horrible illness, which is down to bad things that have happened through her life. She always managed to pull herself together and be there for me when I could not breathe with Asthma as a child. A truly kind and loving person that deserves health and happiness.

You can hear my Mother Song dedicated to my Mum (Mom) here in this video called A Mother's Love. Lyrics and photography by me, Sharon J. Bainbridge / Music and vocals Jakson Lee. You can see my Victorian style images, some fairy portraits, butterflies and bumble bee photos in this You Tube Video.

If you are lucky enough to have a Mother who is fit and well. Who is well enough to give you her time and look after your children for you. Don't take her for granted! Respect her, treat her with kindness. You are lucky to have your Mum (Mom) close by, and healthy.

Bad times make you appreciate the good. Thank you Mum for believing in me and for never trying to get me to give up. Your faith in me keeps me going.

I hope one day I will be able to wisk my wonderful Mum (Mom) off to Switzerland the place she always dreamed of.

If you like Jakson Lee's voice he is on Twitter and You Tube. Remember Jakson Lee without the 'c' in Jakson.

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