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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Pink fairy dress Flamingo Dragonfly Fairy Costume Handmade OOAK - fit for a Princess

Here is one of my beautiful pink fairy dresses (fit for a princess.) I created this fairy dress for my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby - Flamingo Dragonfly fairy. OOAK handmade and hand painted (no patterns.) A local photography shop will be showing this dress in their window and offering my fairy portrait service and selling my books. Well if my books are being sold for £32 new on the Internet I must have done something right. The highest price I have seen the book advertised for is £60 used this year (and US$ 110.) Considering they must have got them from Borders when they went under (not paid for) they are making a nice little profit. I think they should make a little donation to Cystic Fibrosis, what do you think? My partner is singing the song Butterfly Lullaby to this Video (singer Jakson Lee.) What a waste of talent! If only he spent more time on his music career rather than his stupid on line game! Honestly I feel like Bob the Builder, combined with a nagging Mother. The little Princess Dream we all had when we were children is shattered with reality!

If you are having man problems. Don't let them get away with it. Sadly some men do not have a clue. They have to be told what to do as otherwise they will just get away with being damn right lazy. Pick up your socks, get the washing in, wash up. Boot camp is needed. Tell me your story. I wonder if we could get someone to hypnotise them to be hard workers?

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