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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Thank you Google for You Tube and www.blogger.com free service

Tonight I have posted at least 7 blogs using the very easy www.blogger.com from Google. I love it! So easy to add your videos from You Tube and pictures. The way the blog is displayed is nice and clean. The Html is handy for moving pictures around and copying in codes. Brilliant!

So thank you Google for this free service. Little Businesses like mine need that helping hand.

That's all from me tonight, making up for three years of not blogging.

P.S. To all those big businesses out there, come on guys give us little people a helping hand we don't have the money that you do to move forward. By helping little businesses you will be helping the economy. I gave free publicity to three different places in the UK for free in my Butterfly Lullaby book and I don't have a penny to my name. So surely you can do something for us little people. It is good to help!

Famous Robin Stevens gave me his time for free and wanted to work with me so why can't big shops offer to stock my products? Robin has worked with singer David Bowie in the film Labyrinth and has over 30 years Children's TV experience. See video below:

Sharon from Butterfly Lullaby

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