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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Trapped in the City from 9 till 5 - painting by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Painting title: Trapped in the City from 9 till 5
Artist: Sharon J. Bainbridge

I created this painting called Trapped in the City approximately 21 years ago. At the time I was working in London. I used to commute into London from Kent, working long hours and getting home late for a very small wage. I expect most people go through the same problem. My painting comes with a poem:

Trapped in the City
From 9 till 5
Nothing or no one
Really seems alive
All acting like robots
With no means to survive
Not even the pay
Brings a glint to our eyes
Trapped in a world Of high taxes
And low payIs it any wonder
We long for another day

I have always longed, like most people to do something creative for a living rather than the norm. The painting shows me wanting to break free from secretarial work to be an artist. My friends convinced me to leave my first secretarial job and I got a much better paid salary, with pay increases and much better benefits. Even though I suffer from dyslexia, I worked extremely hard and managed to work my way up from receptionist to MD’s secretary. And the top perk was having my own office in the Gilbert House in Harrington Gardens. Gilbert & Sullivan are very well known. The building is simply stunning. Derek my ex boss has all the old pictures for the house when Gilbert owned the house. I really enjoyed working for the architects it was fun and I achieved a great deal. I believe my painting is very relevant to most people where we struggle just to pay the bills with nothing to show for our hard work at the end of it. But we have to keep trying to reach for the stars as life is far too short to waste it wondering what if!

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