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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Birthday butterfly fairy flan with milk jelly. This is the original Butterfly Lullaby fairy flan for your child's fairy party

Imagine your child's face when she sees herself as a beautiful pink fairy on top of this fabulous Butterfly Lullaby fairy flan with delicious strawberry milk jelly. Her friends will most certainly enjoy the fairy party as it is totally unique to Butterfly Lullaby with real fairies.

I hate cooking, but you can hardly call this cooking, it is more fun than anything! And worth creating just to see your little angels face. I took this into the school with some butterfly cakes my little one made and the children were amazed! So you can just imagine how your child will enjoy her own unique fairy party with her as the real butterfly fairy star. If you want to find out how I made this unique Butterfly Lullaby fairy flan subscribe to me on You Tube and here on my Google Blog:

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Now here is the fun part. Do you want to win a Butterfly Lullaby fairy party for your child? This is not any old fairy party. This is the unique Butterfly Lullaby fairy party with real fairies. Your child has her photo taken with her friends who have to say  "we do believe in the Butterfly Lullaby fairies, we do, we do, we do." And low and behold they get to take a picture into school with them holding the real Butterfly Lullaby fairies who are featured in the Butterfly Lullaby fairy book. Well you cannot get more magical than that. All you have to do is watch this You Tube video and send me a recipe for the hot or cold cup of fairy frost, which is mentioned in the Butterfly Lullaby fairy book:

If you are interested in buying a signed copy of the rare Limited Edition Butterfly Lullaby fairy book with a personal message for your child, contact me by post c/o Butterfly Lullaby:

Sharon J. Bainbridge
c/o Butterfly Lullaby
14 Alltiago Road
United Kingdom

P.S. The book is also on Amazon with all the Butterfly Lullaby fairy songs. Songs also on iTunes. The album is called Butterfly Lullaby artist Jakson Lee. Note the book has been sold for big money used and new. But you can purchase the Butterfly Lullaby book direct for just £15 + postage signed with a personal message. Butterfly Lullaby now has a huge following and that is just with the Butterfly Lullaby name.

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