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Friday, 4 June 2010

Cindy Woo our little baby dwarf bunny rabbit needs a rabbit run

Our little baby dwarf rabbit needs a rabbit run. Has anyone got one in the Swansea area, which we could borrow for the summer? Or one you are throwing out. Or any ideas on how to make a cheap rabbit one a women can put together? Remember I don't have a man that can so will have to do it myself, so it needs to be easy and affordable.

Here is some cute footage of our little baby dwarf bunny rabbit when we got her last year. I made the little rabbit lead, which she has now grown out of. She is currently wearing an elastic rabbit lead I made which is now getting too tight for her.

Oh boy, got to go my little angel is not happy as I promised to paddle with her in the pool.

Leave me a comment or get in touch via my Butterfly Lullaby website. Thanks Sharon

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