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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Dance like a butterfly fairy song (Butterfly Lullaby album) singer / musician Jakson Lee

Dance like a butterfly is a lovely butterfly fairy song from my story book Butterfly Lullaby. You can see some pictures from the story book Butterfly Lullaby and hear the wonderful song on the You Tube video below:

Here are some of the lyrics to fairy song Dance like a Butterfly (Butterfly Lullaby album)

I want you
To take me to the skies
And dance like a butterfly
I want to be a part of your wings
So you can take me to the moon and trees...

Jakson Lee is such a talented singer and songwriter. You can hear some of his music and songs on Itunes and Amazon. The Butterfly Lullaby Album with this song Dance like a butterfly is on Amazon with the Butterfly Lullaby fairy book. Itunes has most of his songs but there are still loads to come. I just have to keep nagging. But hopefully I will find him a manager to do the nagging for me, te he.

Singer Jakson Lee on Itunes

Jakson Lee is on You Tube. When you type in the search make sure to type in jaksonlee with no spaces then all his videos will come up. Otherwise you will get the Government videos. He is on Amazon, Itunes, Twitter, Facebook and www.butterflylullaby.co.uk under fairy weddings. You can see him singing the beautiful song Butterfly Kisses, at the Enchanted Manor, which is the best wedding song ever. Sadly we did not write it. Remember Jakson Lee is spelt without the 'c' in Jakson.

Out of all the things we have joined I have to say Google Blog and You Tube are the best at promoting our products and getting our message across. Google in my view is the best, as it is easy to upload your pictures and You Tube videos, which when you have children you need all the time you can get.

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