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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

A Mother's love and joy her little artist - children's drawings to treasure forever

I don't know about you, but I wish my Mum (Mom) had kept some of my drawings. Maybe that is why I hoard my little girls artwork and treasure every pictures she creates. I just cannot bring myself to throw any of her drawings away. Here is a little video I put together with some of her drawings and yes I do suffer from proud Mum (Mom) syndrome.

I believe their should be a gallery for children as their art is far more suitable than adults art for their bedroom. It is cute and quirky. I just adore children's pictures they are fun and vibrant.

Feel free to leave a comment or share you child's art with me. I am on Facebook, You Tube and  My Space. Happy colouring.

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Anonymous said...

Hello. What better http://google.com or http://yahoo.com ?

Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

Google is the only search engine I use. Google have supported me when I needed support from bad people. They are the only ones that are giving me hope! I love their blog and the fact that it is so easy to put pictures on and videos. Google rocks!

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