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Friday, 25 June 2010

Pink flower fairy portrait of your child - personalised fairy picture with your child's image as a pink butterfly flower fairy

I don't know what it is but when you become a Mum (Mom) you just love to treasure all the little photos and pictures of your child. So why not make them that extra special and have something really magical created for them. Your child's photo can be transformed into a magical pink flower fairy portrait like the one in the video below:

My Butterfly Lullaby website shop is not yet up and running, but keep looking as I do hope to get it sorted out soon. If you have heard of Butterfly Lullaby then you will know all about my lovely little Butterfly Lullaby fairy book which is on Amazon. The Butterfly Lullaby songs are also on their as well as i Tunes (singer Jakson Lee.)
I have many fairy portraits and Victorian style pictures. Ideal images for scrapbook's. Feel free to email me for details orders@butterflylullaby.co.uk (Sharon J. Bainbridge.)

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