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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Sharon J. Bainbridge founder of Butterfly Lullaby the fairytale www.butterflylullaby.co.uk

Here is a picture of me (Sharon J. Bainbridge) at my Butterfly Lullaby book launch back in March 2007. The Mark Jermin Stage School Students performed beautifully to the Butterfly Lullaby song with a fairy dance. Danielle the Queen Butterfly also performed to our song Dance like a butterfly. It was perfect! The only thing I had wished for was that my partner, singer Jakson Lee, could have sang the songs live. Sadly the Dylan Thomas Centre was not set up for that, but I thank them for their support it was truly a magical event, a book launch with a difference that stood out from the crowd and something I am sure the Queen would have loved to have seen.

When I wrote the Butterfly Lullaby story I never wanted it as a book, because I am a visual person. I imagined it as a huge Butterfly Lullaby Fairytale film. And also see Butterfly Lullaby in the West End with all the original Butterfly Lullaby songs. Here is a video clip of my Butterfly Lullaby book launch:

I look at my Butterfly Lullaby book launch video and think, did I really make all those costumes myself and hand paint them. Write the story and nag my partner Jakson Lee to create all the songs and make all the fairytale images for the story. The lovely thing about the Butterfly Lullaby fairy images is that it is possible for your child to have a picture created just like the one in the book. They become the character.

I have to giggle now, as I have had an amazing amount of bad luck and that is putting it lightly. My life story would be a block buster hit, as it is far from your average author, and I still cannot believe some of the things that have happened. But my life is what has made me such a strong character who cares about other people. I have no regrets, because bad things make you realise that things could be a lot worse and there is always someone worse off than yourself. And you have to make changes in your life and not depend on God or your partner to do it for you. I am the lucky one because I see others around me that do not have their health and it makes me appreciate the free things in life.

I am going to try for a grant to see if my Butterfly Lullaby website can be used to help Mum's (Mom's) earn a living from home with art and crafts with no upfront fee. It will need the best IT people. If Google are reading this and interested please get in touch. I find it so damn annoying having to keep paying fees all the time for a short time on craft sites. It would be nice to have a site where you pay nothing until your item sells. Especially as I know full well what it is like to struggle financially it is no joke. Little people need all the help they can get. And big shops need to help little craft people, it is like getting a meeting with Brad Pit, impossible! Talking about Brad pit I will have to show you the picture I created of me on the back of his motorbike. All in fun, Angelina is very lucky, but then she is beautiful, which helps! I know my man needs nagging, but the one thing that attracted me to him was his amazing musical gift and voice. The Enchanted Manor loved the video I created with the Enchanted Manor song that they are putting it on their website. How proud am I! I wrote the lyrics to the song Enchanted Manor and my partner Jakson Lee created the beautiful melody, music and vocals.

Well I had best get dressed, although I do love my PJ's.

Feel free to leave me a comment about the craft site idea. Let me know your experiences of selling your work on line. Lets work together as a team to make life a happier place for everyone.

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