Thursday, 8 July 2010

Feathers the wishing well fairy from the Butterfly Lullaby fairy story and fairy peg doll (clothespin doll)

Who is Feathers the fairy? Feathers the fairy is the wishing well fairy from my children's fairy story book called Butterfly Lullaby.

Feathers the fairy travels through the wishing well to get from one place to the next singing her sweet wishing well song:

Wishing well
Please take me their
Take me to
The heart of you
Wishing well
Please take me their
Take me to
Waters within you

Listen to the fairy wishing well song below:

Feathers is not any old fairy, she is the sleep fairy. So if your child is finding it difficult to sleep you will need to call on her for help.

Below you can see my little fairy doll I made based on Feathers the wishing well fairy. If you would like to know how I made this gorgeous little fairy peg doll (fairy clothespin doll) subscribe to my Butterfly Lullaby blog.

Above you can see my Paradise peg doll fairy and Sparkles the ladybird fairy doll. Don't forget to subscribe as we are a very creative family so you don't want to miss out!

Butterfly Lullaby fairy songs can be purchased on Amazon or itunes songs by artist Jakson Lee. As for the Butterfly Lullaby fairy book, well £1 is meant to go to Cystic Fibrosis for Jodie (Sunset Bunny.) I can guarantee this when purchased through me., fairy songs, fairy portraits, art and crafts for children, music, fairy music, true stories, poems, children's stories, free fairy network for businesses and stay at home Mum's (Mom's)

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