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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Library Reading Book Challenge Summer 2010 - Free Children's Toys

Here in Wales our Libraries are working really hard to get children to read and they are doing an excellent job! I don't know about you, but my little one would much rather draw lots of pictures than read a book. But thanks to the Library she has suddenly taken a real interest. Free toys! Yes really, if your child reads six books over the summer holidays they will get four wonderful free children's toys from the Library.

My little girl is enjoying reading so much that she wanted to put a video together for the Library so other children did not miss out, so here is Snowdrop reading the lovely story about the Sad Princess:

The Sad Princess is one of the Tadpoles book. A nice easy book for children to read. The thing my little girl likes about this book is a) it is about a Princess and b) there are not many lines of text! But seeing as she did such a lovely job of reading this book, I am sure we can move up a level.

Have fun this summer and remember the Libraries here in Wales do lots of free activities for children re stories and arts and crafts so make sure you give them a visit. If your child loves to draw like mine, they have some fantastic art books showing children how to draw. We love the library and if books are late children do not get charged!

P.S. If your child loves tadpoles and frogs make sure you see our videos on You Tube and here on my blog. We left our paddling pool out all summer and a frog must have payed us a visit as tadpoles suddenly appeared. We took them indoors and grew them into tiny little baby frogs. All my websites are on the video.

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