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Sunday, 25 July 2010

My Life in a day Saturday 24 July 2010 - video I created for film director Kevin Macdonald by Sharon J. Bainbridge

Millions of people have been asked to create a short film of their day on Saturday 24th July 2010 on You Tube. Film Director Kevin Macdonald is creating a film using You Tube films from people all over the world.

My Life in a day is based on our local Bont Library. Those of you who do not speak Welsh the Bont is another name for village. This year the library are doing a summer reading challenge. If your child reads six books over the holidays they will get four prizes. The child to read the most books will get a big prize. The reason I created a video on this is because I believe printed books will soon be a thing of the past. Children will no doubt be reading from laptop computers rather than a printed book. And I just wonder where my little Butterfly Lullaby fairy book will be in a 100 years from now with all the fairy songs. And if my story I created called Sunset Bunny the Easter fairy will ever raise enough money for a Cystic Fibrosis cure.

We were also asked four questions:

1. What do you love the most?
I said PJ's, because I love PJ day when I don't have to get dressed and just be me! Of course if my little girl is reading this she will know if the question was "Who do you love the most?" It is you my little angel!

2. What do you fear the most?
I hate the idea of my little girl going to her first Prom at just 10 years old. That really should be left until she is 16 years old. Yuck! Call me old fashioned but I cringe when family have put make up and nail varnish on my little girl in the past. Ok I have painted a face mask on her in this video, but that is innocent and just a fun thing. I also wonder why shops make their tops so low cut, it is as if they are trying to make them into little adults. Looking at my old photo's of me as Cindi Lauper you would not think me old fashioned as I was quite the wild child.

3. What makes you laugh?
Going back to Cindi Lauper, I have to say pictures of me trying to look like her. But most of all the seagulls painted on my face with very heavy goth make up. If the photo of me in the video does not make you laugh I do not know what will!

4. What do I have in my pockets or handbag?
My Nan gave me a small lucky horseshoe to keep in my purse. This was used in the old days to make sure you always had money in your purse to pay the bills. Does it work? So far so good.

Good Golly Miss Molly is a song we used to listen to as children. Don't know why I came out with that in the video. As a parent you try so hard not to swear so the silliest things come out of your mouth. Oh sugary doo!

I personally find this film idea fascinating and very much look forward to seeing the finished movie, with or without my video. I always think "nothing ventured, nothing gained." So what have you got to lose, submit your film now. You have a few more days left, go for it:


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