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Friday, 2 July 2010

So what is a Tightwit? A Tightwit is a toy made out of children's coloured tights. A substitute for a Knitwit sock toy!

My friends, friend created the Knitwit the gorgeous coloured sock toys that you can purchase in the USA. Lee is truly a talented man, just amazing what characters he has created from just socks. You cannot buy them here in the UK so I had to make a substitute to keep my little girl happy until I could purchase one through my friend. If anything my attempt of the Tightwit substitute for the Knitwit will make you giggle:

Here is the Knitwit I bought through my friend. Lucky for me my little girl is best friends with her daughter so we were lucky. Especially as all the kids want one now. The Knitwit birthday party she put on was fantastic. All the kids dressed as Knitwit sock toys. If I can dig the photo out of my little one I will add it to this post.

My little girl is such a huge Knitwit sock toy fan that she ended up creating Knitwit posters, which we have up in our lounge. I am a proud Mum. I know most Mum's would not think of having their child's art displayed in their lounge as that is the tidy area, but for me I just love her artwork and it is where it is meant to be.

If you fancy making your own Tightwit substitute toy, make sure you do not stuff it with tights as it ends up being really heavy. Have fun! It is also a great way to recycle old children's coloured tights and good fun for children as the Tightwit makes an excellent free toy, which gives you time to save for the Knitwit sock toy.

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