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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The You Tube toys based on You Tube users - The Me Me's all about me and the You U's all about you, not about me

My little girl came home one day using the name Me Me. I thought what a fantastic name for a small children's soft toy "The Me Me."

The name Me Me immediately made me think of You Tube. Why, well I have come across a lot of Me Me's on their. All about me not about you, just about me. Subscribe to me, look at my videos, me, me, me! Not a mention of you anywhere to be seen! Had they looked at your channel before subscribing "no of course not, because they are the Me Me's. Do you know any Me Me's? Where there is a Me me, you will always find a You U on You Tube. It's not about me, but all about you! I loved your video and actually left you a comment because I am not a Me me! And that is why the You U children's toy is in the shape of a heart with little love heart lips, an upside down heart with pretty eyelashes. The Me Me is a M shape, but still cute. And some Me Me's can be converted, so they end up being not all about them but about others too. Well that's what the You U's are for, they need to show them the way!

Have you ever made any handmade toys? Did you ever think of getting them manufactured? I want to hear your stories. Get in touch and leave a comment. Networking together is a good way to help each other. Be a You U and not a Me Me, far more fun that way!

I was thinking of making and selling these toys, but lets face it there is no way you can complete with big companies on price. They will stay on my Google Blog and I will probably do a little video about them to see if I can meet more You U's and maybe change a few Me Me's.

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